Funny Old Week

It has been a bit of a funny old week. There have still been some nice sunny days, but it is definitely feeling much colder out and I have been contemplating gloves for some of my morning runs. I am averaging about 30 miles a week at the moment, but by pace is not improving. I am struggling with low energy a lot of the time and probably need to start thinking about a training plan soon if I want to aim for a half marathon. I am also playing netball on a Thursday night which is a big throwback to my youth, but lots of fun! I got my first real soaking for a while through the week too:

SAM_9749 SAM_9751

Luke has not been firing on all cylinders. He has had a cough for a while which has not been helping his sleeping and then he had another batch of jags on Friday. Whether it was these jags or the cold, he had a night of screaming through Friday and into Saturday morning and was not a happy chappy. He had a temperature and seemed quite unwell. This meant that our plans for the day were scuppered. Billy and I were supposed to be attending a wedding and taking Luke along, but we had to make the decision that Luke wasn’t going to make it, so I stayed home with him. In the event, after a big long sleep on Saturday morning he awoke in a much better state, if a little morose at first.


I then took him out for another sleep later in the afternoon and he went out like a light before I even had him pushed out the house:


He then was smiling away at me by the time we got back:


I think Luke is going to enjoy his stories. I can spend about an hour a day reading to him. When Scott is at school we often do our own wee school and I go through a lot of the Bookbug stuff with him:

SAM_9729 SAM_9730

Sunday was MCM Comic Con day so both our boys were dressed up for the occasion:



Scott got his face painted and kept giving us into trouble for calling him Scott and not Captain America:SAM_9773

We did lots of wandering about with little R2D2 getting lots of points and stares and “aws”. I reckon if we had told them his name is Luke it would have blown their minds!!


Scott’s favourite things were watching the live Robot Wars:


And drawing – He sat for about 45 minutes at this table:


This event also gives me the chance to note a Bizarre Breastfeeding Experience. I was just getting set up to feed Luke in the main concourse when a security woman approached me and suggested I go to the medical room to feed him. Now, I think she was trying to be helpful, but I was kind of good to go in a reasonable chair, but I felt obliged to follow her advice. I made my way out and asked another steward further on for directions. He was a bit perplexed and said, “But you can feed babies anywhere in the SECC” i.e. as the law states basically. I found the medical suite and decided I didn’t want to go in to a medical area locked away with stretchers and first aid staff and ended up in a far less comfy option of a window ledge. Then, interestingly another security woman approached and said I didn’t need to shut myself away from the main area and that there were comfier chairs inside! It was a bit of a funny experience to have spoken to three separate members of staff, all of them being helpful, but one thinking that the isolation approach is best whereas the other two were more about normalising breastfeeding. Overall, I am positive that 2 out of 3 of the people were on the normalising side and the 1 out of 3 who wasn’t did appear to mean well nonetheless.

This week’s bakes  – Cinnamon Nutella cake – surprisingly quick and easy bunging together of ingredients (butter, golden castor sugar, eggs, cinnamon, baking powder, milk and Nutella) and topping with chopped hazelnuts. This was a moist, tasty cake, but needed a bit more Nutella inside.


And a batch of very moreish choc chip cookies:


And this week’s dose of cute:

SAM_9747 SAM_9734

SAM_9725 SAM_9723 SAM_9721

Good luck to all Great Scottish Runners next week. I am jealous!



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