Changing Seasons

We finally got to enjoy a weekend together as a family. Billy had his first Saturday off with us for a while which provided me with a nice bit of rest-bite from the normal routine. The day started off bright and sunny on Saturday so we planned a park trip, but by the time we had arrived at Barshaw Park in Paisley things were looking a bit more dismal and distinctly more Autumnal.


We had a bit of a play, but ended up in Braehead to do some shopping afterwards. On Sunday we visited the Riverside Museum, or the Transport Museum as I still call it. Scott really enjoyed it, particularly the Tall Ship.

SAM_9710 SAM_9712

SAM_9717 SAM_9716

Master Luke was asleep for most of the trip:SAM_9714

SAM_9706 SAM_9707 SAM_9720

We took our now customary picture of Scott in front of the Hillman Imp. We now have a series of 3 dating back to when he was just 1!


We stupidly forgot to do something similar with a picture of Luke. We will need to go back soon!

We had a particularly bad night with Luke on Sunday so Billy and I were both exhausted on Monday so we ended up having a bit of a rubbishy day. We should have just got going somewhere but we ended up hanging about most of the day which probably just made us feel worse. Billy eventually took Scott swimming in the afternoon so at least the day wasn’t completely lost.

I recently started Luke at Turtle Tots baby swimming class. This is a fun wee thing for us to do together, although the getting changed logistics can be a bit of a nightmare as there is nowhere to put your baby while getting dressed yourself. This inevitably means that Luke’s clothes end up a bit wet from me afterwards.

I love seeing these wee chubby legs kicking in the water:SAM_9702

The mornings are pretty chilly now for the walk to school, so Luke is into the winter gear:

SAM_9695 SAM_9697

This week we made some Lemon Drizzle cake. It was a little bit tart!


We also made some apple crumble on Scott’s request, but I forgot to photograph this and it got eaten quickly anyway.

I am disappointed not to be taking part in the upcoming Great Scottish Run. It is one of my favourite running events and I am sorry to be missing it, but know deep down that it would (a) be logistically difficult and (b) probably too much for me. The lack of full proper sleep really hampers any kind of training programme. I am still keen to do a half marathon soonish though so I am going to see if I can find one to do maybe around November, but again the sleep situation may make that a bit ambitious. I am running most days, but my speed is down and many days I feel like I have nothing in me. I also really need to step up the distances to make a half a realistic possibility.

This week’s posing:

SAM_9694 SAM_9689 SAM_9687 SAM_9685

SAM_9676 SAM_9675 SAM_9674

We finally printed and framed some Luke pictures for the house and Scott took a couple of pictures into school for show and tell. He has learned his brother’s birthday and vital statistics to report to his class!

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