Birthday sandwiched with Christmas

We have had a busy few weeks. Is there any other kind? We have been blessed with some lovely crisp weather so it has been great to get the boys out and about. We had a visit to Eglinton Park recently:


Luke is becoming a right little chatterbox and it is adorable hearing the way he speaks. Some of his words are clear as a bell and I especially love hearing him sing the Mr Tumble “Hello” song! He also picks up random objects and pretends they are a phone. “Hello Daddy. Okay, see you later. Byeee!” Last time I had him at softplay, Luke kept going up to the oven in the toy kitchen and saying, “No, no, burny.”

Christmassy things are now underway, though we have still to get our own tree up! Luke was delighted with his reindeer in his advent calendar, though let’s just say that the singing, beeping reindeer is a wee bit annoying for the rest of us. Scott has hidden it a few times!


It was Sparkle Day at Scott’s school last week so Scott went with his Christmas jumper on and Luke joined in too. Getting still images was not easy!


On Sunday we went to see Santa and had some lovely Christmas magic at Heads of Ayr.
Scott also had Santa football training for the last session of the year. We are going to miss all of his activities when they shut down for the holidays.sam_5341

In between Christmassy things, we also celebrated Billy’s birthday:

sam_5229sam_5230Lemon cheesecake with meringue:


Now I just need to tidy/clean my house and get organised for Christmas time. Eek!

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