I have been feeling pretty blah again. I don’t know how much of a part sleep deprivation is playing, but I am struggling to keep my head above water again. Luke is back to being up all hours of the night. Apparently there is such a thing as 4 month sleep regression?? This time round, I am able to be a bit more philosophical about it and know that “this too will pass.” In the midst of it last time round, it felt like there would be no end. The change of seasons is probably also having a bit of an impact. The lack of having any summer to speak of hasn’t been easy and I long for a break. Like most mums, the usual maternity leave worries of coping with the return to work and managing the schedules and the financial pressures of reduced income and childcare etc also weigh heavily at times. My black dog is definitely on the prowl and the main thing that is keeping it in check is running. I have signed up for “Run Every Day”, an event organised by Ronhill to run every day in October. This is in the spirit of Ron Hill who has been on a running streak since December 1964 (running at least 1 mile a day – including the day after bunion surgery with a crutch – taking 27 minutes!) It is going well at the moment with Scott in school but I am probably going to struggle next week to manage every day during the October break. We will need to take it as it comes.

Autumnal running:


I certainly felt a twinge of sadness watching the Great Scottish Run on television. I was exhausted on Sunday, however, after a tough night so I know my decision not to enter was the right one. I am looking for other events to aim for, but given the weather there is not much on offer in the later months of the year.

Scott had his first school project to complete at home last week – a castle for a fairytale land project. I had to resist the urge to go all historical and let him go with it. When I saw some of the other efforts arriving at school, I worry I may have under sold my boy!

SAM_9796 SAM_9797

So, we are almost at the October holiday of Scott’s first term at school and he seems to be enjoying it. It looks like we are already going to have to buy a new pair of school shoes as he has managed to kick a hole in one! On the other hand, I am surprised that his trousers have lasted hole free so far!

Luke is continuing to give us much joy and he loves his brother’s antics so much. This morning they were lying in bed holding hands watching television. It was very cute. Last night, Scott also put on a knight fighting show for Luke while he was having his bath. It is going to be murder keeping all these little swords and figures out of Luke’s grasp in the near future.

Getting him in and out of snowsuits is not a favourite thing for Luke!SAM_9828 SAM_9829

We are much looking forward to Luke sitting up and playing with Scott. The Bumbo helps in the mean time:

SAM_9830 SAM_9831 SAM_9832 SAM_9833

Billy couldn’t resist a baby Captain America outfit purchase at Comic Con last week. Naturally, I had to try him out in costume:SAM_9793

Ahem, full costume:

SAM_9792 SAM_9791 SAM_9790

Bakes this week – Orange cake. This involved cooking a full orange for an hour, blitzing it in the food processor and cooking it inside the cake. It made for a very “orangey” flavour:


As with everything, I’ll get through this phase. As Ron Hill himself said,

“Get going. Get up and walk if you have to. But finish the damned race.”

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