Easter weekend arts, crafts and bakes

Our Easter weekend involved copious amounts of chocolate and some nice family time.  I decorated some eggs with the boys on Saturday. As ever, I felt ill-prepared and a bit like I was doing slap-stick as I bumbled around wiping paint and going “Whoah!” as I saw Luke picking up something that was going to make a big mess. He started off free-styling on paper:


This gave me a chance to help Scott with making our El Classico collection:


Luke was keen to use sticky glue and stick feathers onto his egg. This evolved into a parrot:



Once I had managed to hose the boys down I was left to clean up the mess!


A busy Sunday and the grim weather delayed the egg rolling until Monday. Luke was a little disappointed when he realised the breaking of his egg was a permanent thing that could not be fixed!!

Scott made some Easter themed sun catchers at school. They look lovely when the sun shines on Luke’s window. (Please excuse the dirty windows!!)



Luke had an Easter Bonnet competition at nursery:


He was very pleased to win a prize!



Luke also helped me to make some carrot cake. This was my first time using this recipe and I was pleased with how it turned out.


Luke was a top taste tester:



Hopefully much more assistance in the kitchen is to come 🙂

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Easter holiday activities

There hasn’t been many “free days” during these holidays as Scott has been tied up at football camp Monday-Thursday on both weeks. He was a very happy camper to be playing football all day:SAM_6021SAM_6024SAM_6034SAM_6037SAM_6046SAM_6052

Luke spent a fair bit of time there too. When we were at the West Kilbride one we fell into a routine of watching Scott for a bit then I took Luke for a run in his pram and he had a nap.


There was plenty of mischief to get up to at the side of the park:


After Luke woke from his nap we would have some lunch and head to an afternoon activity like softplay or swimming:


Crazy hair day:



By the second week of this, I think Luke started to think he was at the football camp too:


He liked wearing a football strip and tried to copy what was going on. He would dribble his ball and he kept trying to go and sit down with the children at the camp.




Between my marking and his football, Scott and I only had one day just the two of us. We had a trip to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast, but predictably the other chosen activity was Andy Park to play football!

SAM_6089It is quite difficult to get Scott to wear anything other than football clothing at the moment. He has also somehow managed to wrangle 3 new pairs of football boots this holiday!

On Billy’s day off we took Luke to Millport while Scott was at football camp. He loves the ferry boat so it was a nice wee day despite the inclement weather.





Poor Lukester missed out on a café stop. He fell asleep so Billy and I had a peaceful breakfast and a walk back to the ferry.



It has been great just to have a bit of time to do the simple things. Luke loves being outside and bubbles and chalk keep him happy:

I also love simple capers like “Stick Man and Piggle all cosy”:



So, we maybe didn’t get up to much and I have had a week of marking, but it was a nice break.

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Big History Weekend at Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle was host to Historic Scotland’s “Big History Weekend” last Saturday and Sunday. This is another fantastic day out in a packed schedule of special events at Historic Scotland sites throughout the year. These occasions really help you to get value for money out of the annual membership passes that Historic Scotland offer. The castle was bustling with activity and we were spoilt for choice over what we should see and do. There was so much going on that we didn’t actually visit much of the castle itself. All the more reason to go back and explore some more another day!

We arranged to meet with Billy’s cousin and her family to share the day so we had some time for some photos with a scenic backdrop before we went in. The view was much appreciated after the steep climb up from the town centre where we finally managed to park the car. (The castle car park was full by the time we arrived at 11.30am)

SAM_5951Wallace Monument in the background

Trying to get Luke to pose for a pic with King Robert…..


As members, we were able to avoid the queues and head directly in where we were met with entertainment straight off:SAM_5956There was many a giggle from children around the castle all day from this contraption.

The weather was very obliging for us to enjoy our picnic:SAM_5959

The boys happily sat through two demonstrations in the main hall showing what it was like to be a medieval knight and the especially grisly “show and tell”  postmortem of injuries inflicted on some unfortunate victims whose skeletal remains were found buried in Stirling Castle.  Luke happily shouted out “Again, sword fight” after an entertaining scene, but “No like it bow and arrow” was the verdict on a cleverly demonstrated arrow shot!

The Regimental Museum for the Aryll and Sutherland Highlanders is located within the grounds of the castle and their contribution to the weekend was a big draw for lots of the visitors.


I always like the Suffragettes and am still determined to get this get up for a costume party at some point in my life!!SAM_5968Historic Scotland events always seem to have good hands on activities for kids. Our boys came home with some much treasured keepsakes they got to make themselves from clay and there was great fun banter at the jousting:SAM_5984SAM_5985SAM_5986

The medieval games certainly proved popular with the modern bairns:SAM_6007SAM_6008SAM_6009SAM_6013

The trebuchet is a dangerous siege engine, but despite two shots to his own face, Lukester could not stop going back for more:SAM_6015“My trebuchet” was never a moan I expected to hear from my toddler, but the History teacher in me swelled with pride!

The place was bustling and we really could have spent two full days at the castle as there was always something to see or an actor to talk to. (Mary Queen of Scots)SAM_5990I was pleasantly surprised by how much listening was going on!

The sun was definitely shining for us on another #bestdaysever

As ever, all opinions are my own.

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Outdoors in the Red

Now that we have a bit more light and warmer temperatures, both boys are outside virtually all the time. The lovely weather last weekend was enjoyed to the max by the outdoor two. Luke nags to get outside from the moment he opens his eyes right till he goes for his bath. He simply loves being out, pottering about.

Last Friday was “Crazy hair day” for Comic Relief. Luke being the second child was allowed to join in! (I don’t think I would have put red dye in Scott’s hair at just shy of 2 years old!!!)

Luke was absolutely thrilled with the whole process so I foolishly kept on liberally spraying the “wash out” red dye in his hair:


Trying to get the dye scrubbed out of a wriggly boy at bath time who was having none of it was not such fun! As a result, Luke’s hair (and head) took on a pinkish hue for the days after until we finally got it all out…

SAM_5923A little pink at the park! I don’t know what was worse – people thinking we had let our child’s head get sunburnt or people thinking we dyed our not yet 2 year old’s hair! Eek!

Lukester didn’t seem to mind:SAM_5925A wee picnic in the park:SAM_5928SAM_5921The park was heaving on such a lovely day, so we also spent some time on the beach throwing stones. Little crabs scuttled away nervously as Luke’s grabby hands explored some rock pools.SAM_5930SAM_5931

We are definitely up for more days like this over the holidays.

Finally, a bit of baking – Black Forrest Gateau for my mum for Mothers Day. An 1980’s throwback, but it went down well with some cream.


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Jumping in muddy puddles

Luke recently bought his first book. He used his World Book Day token to buy a Peppa Pig book:17361455_10155175595001757_668897512_n[1]He does like a good read. Last Saturday we went to the library for a read, play and colour-in. Coincidentally, Peppa Pig was the book of choice here too:SAM_5874Luke wants to go out and play ALL the time. Whenever we are out somewhere he says, “Go outside home?” If he is told that it is too late, or too dark, or too wet he tries to turn it around with a “Maybe?” We were out a lot the past weekend jumping in puddles. Spiderman came too:

In between showers we also had a trip to the park.SAM_5877SAM_5878SAM_5879SAM_5883SAM_5885SAM_5886SAM_5891

Last Sunday we went to the Sealife Centre at Loch Lomond shores. This was a hit with both the boys, but particularly Luke who ran around shrieking in delight at the otters jumping and swimming and diving.SAM_5895

SAM_5897SAM_5900SAM_5909There was also a bit of rock pooling which including holding a shark egg:

We had a wee run around in the park afterwards during which the boys got absolutely bogging!



It is a bit of a running theme at the moment that every weekend Scott manages to get through about 8 pairs of trousers and 4 pairs of shoes due to getting wet and muddy. I suspect this may be the case for  some weeks to come!

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The boys have had a busy social calendar recently. They were at cousin Jude’s 5th birthday party:sam_5834sam_5835sam_5837-copysam_5840sam_5847Luke took a wee while to warm up, but once he got going he had a great time. Scott was really good with him in terms of watching out for him and making sure he was okay.

Then, Scott had a friend’s party at Ravenscraig Activity Centre:17148681_10211152068372548_876009773_o17149111_10211152067812534_722087201_oNeedless to say, he had a great time with his friends. At all these social events, we just tag along as extras!

We have had a few days here and there where it has felt something close to Spring and both the boys love being out and about. Luke is desperate to get out in the garden and he loved a wee shot of the chalk:

Another firm favourite at the moment is bubbles. Luke is always asking for “bubbles, please?” We often have to tell wee white lies that there are no bubbles left as the thing is, Luke is not just content to see the bubbles and let me or Billy blow them. Oh no! “I do it!” Is the constant refrain! This can be a bit tricky, and messy:sam_5809-copy

Luke still absolutely loves doing things with Scott, even the simplest of things. Last Saturday they spent about half an hour sliding down the stairs together.

Luke is also very vocal in terms of telling us what he does not like. He repeatedly tells us,”No like it.” This can be anything from “No like it put my clothes on” to “No like it dee dee dee” (In response to someone singing/humming dee dee dee!!) The pair of them certainly know how to have a good time!

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Book Week

It has been a bit of a trying week with the Lukester. He was a bit out of sorts at the start of the week and this has continued on to him being quite demanding and not wanting to let me out of sight for a minute. Getting ready in the morning has been difficult as he is constantly saying “Sit down, Mummy”, wanting me to sit down beside him. When he doesn’t get his own way, Luke makes it known he is not happy!

Another feature of the last few days is Luke wanting to sit on one of the proper dining room chairs rather than his high chair.


I am struggling to get Luke to smile in photographs now that he has been taught to make a “grumpy face.”sam_5799

Scott also says he has to do a “serious face” if he is wearing his school uniform:sam_5797

We got into the spirit of World Book Week with Scott dressing up as Private Tommo Peaceful (Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo):sam_5817sam_5818

Only problem was, he wouldn’t actually wear it at school. He decided he felt foolish wearing it and took it off the minute he got there!

Luke was Stick Man (Stick Man by Julia Donaldson) He wasn’t entirely obliging with his costume either, but we got a few snaps:sam_5829sam_582817124820_10155127159721757_147592522_n117125117_10155127159696757_1980735709_n1

Whatever the costumes, the boys do seem to enjoy books, so that is definitely something.






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