“Spectacular Jousting” is spectacular

Last Sunday we made more good use of our Historic Scotland membership by attending the Spectacular Jousting event at Linlithgow Palace. Visiting the palace itself has been ear-marked for another day as once again there was so much going on at the Peel that there was no time left for exploring the palace.

We made use of the free park and ride service provided on the day which gave Scott and Luke the added bonus of a wee bus trip from the car park on the outskirts of Linlithgow straight to the Palace. We arrived in good time for the start of the event and Scott got involved in the Children’s Army which involved grouping the kids into schiltrons and marching.


I loved seeing all the kids that had dressed up too. There were some brilliant costumes. If only I could get either of my two into a tabard!

They are both rather partial to a sword fight, however….SAM_6499SAM_6502SAM_6510

There are two jousting shows during the course of the day and I really enjoyed them. The players put on a great show with the appropriate numbers of heroes and villains to cheer or boo.


The champion showing off some great balance at the end, straddling two horses:


In-between the two bouts of jousting there were acrobatics from jesters and an amusing Assassin’s tale. The boys didn’t want to sit back and watch most of these other shows so we took a walk round the encampment to sample the Medieval life.

SAM_6542This boy loves a guddle:SAM_6533SAM_6530

He is also very fond of the dragon that he met at Ardrossan Castle a couple of weeks ago.SAM_6534SAM_6535SAM_6537Ice-cream break


A sunny day would make this day pretty unbeatable, but there are some things that even Historic Scotland’s efficient organisers cannot control.

We left the event more than satisfied with the entertainment and I am pleased to say that both my boys have #gotthehistorybug



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