Countdown to summer

The weather would definitely suggest otherwise, but the summer holidays are here. The past few weeks have had a few bumps and I feel ready for a rest.

I took Luke to the Ardrossan Castle Carnival (Scott was at a birthday party) and he had fun charging about with a sword.SAM_6429SAM_6428SAM_6431SAM_6427SAM_6438

I clearly have him well-trained as he claps and exclaims in delight whenever I mention visiting a castle now! Events like this set a pretty high bar, though, with jousting knights, a dragon and carnival games.


When the dragon “woke up”, Luke got quite a fright and burst into tears, but he soon settled to arguing with it; “You’re not taking my sword, dragon. No!”


This is an excellent free local event that even showcases jousting. I have a feeling that these are the same knights that we will be seeing at Spectacular Jousting….Not that jousting is a niche “sport” or anything!


In-between times we have had some Fathers Day baking – Victoria Sandwich and Key Lime Pie with meringue. Luke loves helping with any kitchen activities at the moment and whenever he sees me put an apron on, he goes to get his on. It is messy, but nice.

Scott has had a couple of Funworld birthday parties and Luke was at the last one too. He was delighted to be there and play with his lovely older friend who is extremely patient with him:SAM_6463


We stumbled across a fun event in George Square in Glasgow last weekend. The boys enjoyed the carnival atmosphere, music and activities.SAM_6472SAM_6475SAM_6478SAM_6479Looks like Scott is ready to dive into summer.  🙂

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