Rock of Ages at Dumbarton Castle

A couple of weeks ago we had our second experience of Historic Scotland’s Rock of Ages event at Dumbarton Castle. Sadly the weather was not up to the lovely sunshine that we were treated to last year, but there was still plenty to keep us entertained. It does amuse me to think about the contrasts in our weather system considering we were slapping on the suncream last year and this year I bought a cup of tea to heat up! There was also a section of the castle that was closed off this year due to the weather.

While Luke and Billy caught up with some zeds in the car, I took Scott out and we were immediately drawn into the action, watching a display from the Covenanters. This stirred up Scott’s sensitivities and he wanted to head off to the castle for a sword fight.

Scott cannon - Copy

Luke was soon with us and keen to join in on the action:




Rock of Ages has an assortment of characters from different phases of history and Scott was pleased to see his Playmobil Roman Centurions!



The shield is remarkably heavy:


I enjoyed talking Scott through the WW1 display and the evolving battle strategy:





Both the boys were happy to watch a lot of the displays, though we did discover that Luke is not keen on all the action….He likes the shouting…




But, “no like it big bang.” He is not a fan of the musket fire!



Thankfully, Luke’s enjoyment of all things castle seems to be continuing as this Historic Scotland event is becoming a bit of a standing calendar commitment. Hoping for better weather at our next one – Spectacular Jousting!


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