Bits and Pieces

I am still chasing my tail a little to catch up with the past few weeks and to look forward to the summer. My marking has dragged on a bit and I have been a busy bee. I am now thinking “eek” about all the things I still have to organise in the next few weeks. Tired and a bit run down sums up the current standings! The weather hasn’t been too summery over the past couple of weeks so jackets have been back on for trips to the park.



Scott and Luke want to go outside ALL the time. This is my first excuse for a messy house!

Luke discovered a wee pair of jelly shoes recently that used to be Scott’s and he has taken a shine to him. He calls them his “crocodile shoes” which just reminds me of Jimmy Nail!


Luke is also partial to putting stones down the drain. This used to pass the time with Scott too!SAM_6362

Skiddling in water is top fun:SAM_6333SAM_6335

Now that Scott is reasonably competent on his bike he is keen to take it more places to go a bit further.SAM_6370SAM_6379SAM_6384

Luke just about always gives me a RSI at the park due to constant swing pushing. He is perfectly happy to stay in a swing for about an hour.SAM_6373


Playing hide and seek and climbing:SAM_6382SAM_6383SAM_6386

A rare time spent indoors gave us some time to make some cupcakes. This is not for those of a nervous disposition as giving a toddler some sprinkles to put on the cakes produces some interesting results!SAM_6353SAM_6354SAM_6359SAM_6361

Hoping next week is not so busy…..hoping for flying elephants….!





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