2nd Birthday catch up

A manic couple of weeks has meant I haven’t had time to think about much or catch my breath so it is nice to look back a little at Luke’s 2nd birthday. I didn’t need much inspiration for Luke’s cake this year. Mr Tumble is a firm favourite in Luke’s world so I found myself a Mr Tumble magazine with a Mr Tumble to use on my cake. The sugar craft making of a Mr T was absolutely not an option and to be fair, the wee toy has been getting tucked up in bed every night since Luke’s birthday!

18492355_10155364296861757_1417005454_nSAM_6314SAM_6312We think he liked it.

Birthday morning (Kind of ignoring the new book box we got him!):


As I don’t need much excuse to make cake, we had a special birthday tea for Luke on his birthday.

Old school jelly by Billy:SAM_6325

Dinosaur cake by me: After Eight and Matchstick spikes and Tic Tac claws and teeth! The rest of the dino casing is green ready roll icing. Fun to make, but cutting all those triangles took some time!

dino cake - CopySAM_6328

Truth be told I am pretty exhausted so am looking forward to a less hectic time (hopefully). 🙂

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