Millport 10 miler race recap

Last Sunday I ran the Millport 10 Miler Fun Run. This is the third time I have participated in this event (previously known as Michael’s Movers Millport 10 Miler) and as ever it was a friendly, efficiently organised occasion. I had this in my plans as my “goal race” for some time so I have been training accordingly. The use of a Garmin and my Sunday runs, in particular, gave me a good sense of where I was at in terms of setting my race goals. Last year, I completed the course in a time of 1:14:43 and I had high hopes of being able to better this time.  I calculated that running at an average of 7 min 20 sec miles would produce a 1hr 13 min 20 sec time. I have been training at running at this “goal pace” for parts of my runs over the last few weeks, but the challenge is being able to hold the pace for the entirety of the distance.

I was extremely relieved that the weather on Sunday was far nicer than Saturday so I set off for the ferry feeling optimistic. I did however feel chilly as I waited for the pre-race warm-up.


My race management was not the best on this occasion. I set off too fast as my split times demonstrate:

Splits Time Cumulative Time Moving Time Distance Elev Gain Elev Loss Avg Pace Avg Moving Pace Best Pace Calories
10 7:13.6 7:13.6 7:08 0.99 29 7:19 7:14 5:49 99
9 7:49.4 15:03 7:48 1.00 28 17 7:49 7:48 6:26 102
8 7:39.6 22:43 7:36 1.00 31 35 7:40 7:36 6:24 103
7 7:39.1 30:22 7:34 1.00 35 7:39 7:34 5:50 102
6 7:14.6 37:36 7:14.6 1.00 10 11 7:15 7:15 6:14 103
5 7:03.9 44:40 6:58 1.00 9 4 7:04 6:58 6:17 101
4 6:56.5 51:37 6:55 1.00 22 27 6:56 6:55 5:11 101
3 6:52.9 58:29 6:49 1.00 25 80 6:53 6:49 5:59 100
2 7:00.0 1:05:29 6:58 1.00 51 11 7:00 6:58 5:53 101
1 6:44.0 1:12:13 6:40 1.00 28 23 6:44 6:40 5:34 98
Summary 1:12:13 1:12:13 1:12:11 9.99 239 238 7:14 7:14 5:11

Mile 1 was my fastest at 6.44 pace. I managed to tail onto another runner until mile 4 when he began to leave me behind and then my speed began to drop. I could not hold the 7 minute mile and a few doubts began to creep in. The wind also picked up after mile 5 and I had to tell myself just to hang on and keep going.

A wee “handy” bit of self motivation can help:

I told myself to get to mile 9 and it would be okay. Mile 8-9 was my worst, but when I knew I only had a mile to go I was able to give it everything I had left.

run 2run1

The finish was an extremely welcome sight.

finish 2

post race

I finished in a time of 1hr 12 minute 15 seconds which calculates as an average pace of 7.14. I am obviously delighted, but not quite sure what to make of the way I went about it. Should I reign myself in at the first few miles of future races, or set a fast pace and try to hang on for as long as possible? That’s the problem of coaching myself!!

The race organisers kindly presented me with a bottle of champagne as the first female finisher. (I finished 4th overall) The goodwill at the end of the race was typical of the spirit of this event that is organised to raise funds for Parkinson’s Scotland.

presentation 3presentation

The boys also had a nice visit to the island. I was pleased that Billy brought them over and they enjoyed their time on the beach waiting for me to finish.

beach 1beach 2beach 3

car 2car

The sore legs that I have experienced since last Sunday remind me why I don’t appear to have it in me to race every week. Plenty of time to plan for the next one!






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