Two already

Well my little Lukester, I cannot believe you are two already! Two years is a long time and then not really. It is hard to remember how life was without you. Every year as your birthday dawns I will remember the cherry blossoms that are blooming at this time of year. I remember vividly the cherry blossoms as I waited for you to arrive. I remember also seeing them last year as you turned one and seeing it as a sign that I had a made it. A difficult time was passing and I could look forward with my wee family.

cherry blossom

Every day is special and every moment is precious with you. There are so many reasons to be thankful to have you in our lives.

I am thankful for every single day I get to spend with you. Your curiosity, your innocence, your quest for learning, your lovely chat. The things that you do and say that make me smile and burst with pride. I am so glad on the days that I don’t have to rush anywhere else. I feel privileged to be able to live those moments with you.

The way you were: Day 1


Age 1


Almost 2:


A child giggles with all his heart, without any care in the world. I am thankful for those giggles which fill my heart with joy. The things that set you off can be so random, but you do love a right good giggle.


You are such a playful wee boy. You love spending time with your big brother Scott.


You love the outdoors.



I am the world for you today, as you will remain mine; but as you grow up, make new friends, learn new things, there will be a world beyond us. You are already making friends and making your world that bit bigger at nursery. It is incredibly exciting as well as a little sad for me. I am very thankful then for these moments in life when we have had each other’s attention all the time.



I have been guilty sometimes of feeling irritated when you pull me from all sides for attention. when you literally won’t let me put you down, when you won’t accept anyone but me. Those times late at night when I am tired or I have had a long day. I know this time is special and it is never going to come back. I know I need to slow down sometimes and take it all in. To tell you one more story. To hold you a little longer.


I have so much more to say, but words cannot quite say what you mean to me. I just hope I can remember the finer nuances of our daily lives, the fun we have, the many adorable things you do. I hope I can hold the beauty of these moments in my heart forever. I hope I can remember much more than a photograph or a video can ever capture.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Luke xx

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