Blackness Castle

Last Sunday was a gloriously warm day, but sadly there wasn’t much warmth at Blackness Castle! I don’t think Blackness Castle ever gets warm given its location right next to the Firth of Forth and I can imagine that it must be bitterly cold with cutting winds in the winter months.SAM_6270SAM_6264SAM_6291

When we got out of the car, I wondered why everyone was picnicking right in at the castle wall, but I soon realised this was the only comfortable place to eat, avoiding the  wind.


My littlest man really loves going to castles and cheers when he hears we are going to one. He loves climbing and running round shouting “Attack!”


There are lots of nooks and crannies in this castle to explore:SAM_6296SAM_6297




The central lawn is lovely, but not very sheltered!


The most sheltered spot is in the central tower and there are also some impressive views of the Forth Bridges and Luke had a fantastic time playing up here.


So, we have ticked another Historic Scotland site off the list. Blackness is a formidable place with lots to get round. However, the chill in the air is a little off-putting and I would definitely recommend visitors wear a warm coat!

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