Small things

Eating breakfast is more fun when it is a picnic for two:SAM_6207SAM_6208

Luke kept running through to excitedly tell me: “I eat cereal with Scott!”

Scott’s class recently did their assembly on Native Americans. I sadly didn’t get to see it, but Scott certainly talked about it a lot and the teacher did a great job with all the preparations.

I enjoyed a lovely day in the sunshine at Troon with the boys yesterday.


Scott ran on ahead and by the time I saw him again he was in the water:SAM_6212

And, of course, monkey see, monkey do:


Luke absolutely loved paddling and although Scott gave up fairly quickly, I couldn’t get Luke away and he was quite happy splashing away for ages.


Scott was starting to get a bit fed up so I started to coax Luke up the beach in the direction of the park.SAM_6225

Scott took over pram pushing duties while I herded Luke along.


When Scott goes on these types of swings it is a severe hazard with Luke as he is desperate to push Scott, but I have terrible visions of how this could go wrong!


Then it was Luke’s turn:SAM_6239SAM_6241SAM_6242SAM_6243

Time for ice-cream:SAM_6244SAM_6247

I felt bad as I accidentally left the house with very little money and by the time I had bought ice-cream I had to scrape out my purse to get Scott a shot on the bumper boats. Poor little Lukester had to make do with a bumpy pram ride!


Roll on more sunny days, please!

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