Almond Valley family fun

We woke up to a lovely Spring day last Saturday so I decided we should make the most of it and go out for the day. I saw friends posting about Almond Valley a few months ago and put it on my list as somewhere we should visit. We are frequent flyers at Heads of Ayr so I figured that more farm park fun would go down well.

In terms of prices, Almond Valley is a little cheaper than Heads of Ayr, but you do have to pay for the tractor trailer ride and train at Almond Valley. These were both big hits with Luke so I wouldn’t want to miss them out. We don’t tend to use any of the paying extras at Heads of Ayr, although I imagine Luke isn’t far off wanting to go on the barrel tractor ride which does incur a charge. Almond Valley, located in the outskirts of Livingston is also about 20 minutes further away for us than Heads of Ayr.

Our first stop when we got into the park was the little mill house which both of the boys spent a lot of time at. Scott was great with Luke and took him all through the house and down the slides.



Luke was very interested to see all the animals, but Scott had limited patience for this. Even those of the plastic variety…..


Luke still doesn’t quite get the fencing off of animals yet. He kept saying, “I want to go in there. I want to see them.”



He pushed it a wee bit far trying to touch the rabbits and got his arm stuck!


There was a bit of nervousness among the kids about touching the rat, but Luke was game! In fact, he wanted to hold the rat, but the handler told him this was not such a good idea as rats can be very scratchy.



One of the highlights of the day that Luke has come back to and mentioned several times is throwing stones in the water!



Every good farm park has a bit of pedal tractor fun:


There were a few heritage aspects that I didn’t get to explore this time round. There is an indoor exhibition, including a mine which we didn’t get the chance to see. There is also a war time garden with a few familiar posters….


This ring throw was a lot of fun, but the rings did manage to go extremely askew at times!



If you fancy a good workout, try the spacehoppers!


The simple things like swings are still so popular with my two and I had to coax them away.





Luke was bursting to go on the tractor trailer ride, but was a little disappointed when he realised he wasn’t actually getting on the tractor itself. Once he got over this, he enjoyed the ride.



We grabbed a quick ice cream before taking the train ride on the light railway.



There is a short stop at the other side to change the engine around so we wandered down to see the waterfall.

Never mind the boys, I was starting to flag a little after this, so took the opportunity for a wee sit down with Luke at the ball pit in the indoor Adventure Zone.


Scott found some playmates to play hide and seek and kept up the high pace.


We finished off where we had started at the wee house and play lorry and tractor.



Luke was loving crawling through the tunnel with me peeking in at him.



By the time the two dangerous daves were climbing on the top of the lorry, I decided it was time to call it a day….


Though the “Dab Drive” may be a favourite pic of the day!

dab drive

We left via the gift shop after a busy fun packed day. I am sure we will be back!




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