Easter weekend arts, crafts and bakes

Our Easter weekend involved copious amounts of chocolate and some nice family time.  I decorated some eggs with the boys on Saturday. As ever, I felt ill-prepared and a bit like I was doing slap-stick as I bumbled around wiping paint and going “Whoah!” as I saw Luke picking up something that was going to make a big mess. He started off free-styling on paper:


This gave me a chance to help Scott with making our El Classico collection:


Luke was keen to use sticky glue and stick feathers onto his egg. This evolved into a parrot:



Once I had managed to hose the boys down I was left to clean up the mess!


A busy Sunday and the grim weather delayed the egg rolling until Monday. Luke was a little disappointed when he realised the breaking of his egg was a permanent thing that could not be fixed!!

Scott made some Easter themed sun catchers at school. They look lovely when the sun shines on Luke’s window. (Please excuse the dirty windows!!)



Luke had an Easter Bonnet competition at nursery:


He was very pleased to win a prize!



Luke also helped me to make some carrot cake. This was my first time using this recipe and I was pleased with how it turned out.


Luke was a top taste tester:



Hopefully much more assistance in the kitchen is to come 🙂

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