Easter holiday activities

There hasn’t been many “free days” during these holidays as Scott has been tied up at football camp Monday-Thursday on both weeks. He was a very happy camper to be playing football all day:SAM_6021SAM_6024SAM_6034SAM_6037SAM_6046SAM_6052

Luke spent a fair bit of time there too. When we were at the West Kilbride one we fell into a routine of watching Scott for a bit then I took Luke for a run in his pram and he had a nap.


There was plenty of mischief to get up to at the side of the park:


After Luke woke from his nap we would have some lunch and head to an afternoon activity like softplay or swimming:


Crazy hair day:



By the second week of this, I think Luke started to think he was at the football camp too:


He liked wearing a football strip and tried to copy what was going on. He would dribble his ball and he kept trying to go and sit down with the children at the camp.




Between my marking and his football, Scott and I only had one day just the two of us. We had a trip to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast, but predictably the other chosen activity was Andy Park to play football!

SAM_6089It is quite difficult to get Scott to wear anything other than football clothing at the moment. He has also somehow managed to wrangle 3 new pairs of football boots this holiday!

On Billy’s day off we took Luke to Millport while Scott was at football camp. He loves the ferry boat so it was a nice wee day despite the inclement weather.





Poor Lukester missed out on a café stop. He fell asleep so Billy and I had a peaceful breakfast and a walk back to the ferry.



It has been great just to have a bit of time to do the simple things. Luke loves being outside and bubbles and chalk keep him happy:

I also love simple capers like “Stick Man and Piggle all cosy”:



So, we maybe didn’t get up to much and I have had a week of marking, but it was a nice break.

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