Big History Weekend at Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle was host to Historic Scotland’s “Big History Weekend” last Saturday and Sunday. This is another fantastic day out in a packed schedule of special events at Historic Scotland sites throughout the year. These occasions really help you to get value for money out of the annual membership passes that Historic Scotland offer. The castle was bustling with activity and we were spoilt for choice over what we should see and do. There was so much going on that we didn’t actually visit much of the castle itself. All the more reason to go back and explore some more another day!

We arranged to meet with Billy’s cousin and her family to share the day so we had some time for some photos with a scenic backdrop before we went in. The view was much appreciated after the steep climb up from the town centre where we finally managed to park the car. (The castle car park was full by the time we arrived at 11.30am)

SAM_5951Wallace Monument in the background

Trying to get Luke to pose for a pic with King Robert…..


As members, we were able to avoid the queues and head directly in where we were met with entertainment straight off:SAM_5956There was many a giggle from children around the castle all day from this contraption.

The weather was very obliging for us to enjoy our picnic:SAM_5959

The boys happily sat through two demonstrations in the main hall showing what it was like to be a medieval knight and the especially grisly “show and tell”  postmortem of injuries inflicted on some unfortunate victims whose skeletal remains were found buried in Stirling Castle.  Luke happily shouted out “Again, sword fight” after an entertaining scene, but “No like it bow and arrow” was the verdict on a cleverly demonstrated arrow shot!

The Regimental Museum for the Aryll and Sutherland Highlanders is located within the grounds of the castle and their contribution to the weekend was a big draw for lots of the visitors.


I always like the Suffragettes and am still determined to get this get up for a costume party at some point in my life!!SAM_5968Historic Scotland events always seem to have good hands on activities for kids. Our boys came home with some much treasured keepsakes they got to make themselves from clay and there was great fun banter at the jousting:SAM_5984SAM_5985SAM_5986

The medieval games certainly proved popular with the modern bairns:SAM_6007SAM_6008SAM_6009SAM_6013

The trebuchet is a dangerous siege engine, but despite two shots to his own face, Lukester could not stop going back for more:SAM_6015“My trebuchet” was never a moan I expected to hear from my toddler, but the History teacher in me swelled with pride!

The place was bustling and we really could have spent two full days at the castle as there was always something to see or an actor to talk to. (Mary Queen of Scots)SAM_5990I was pleasantly surprised by how much listening was going on!

The sun was definitely shining for us on another #bestdaysever

As ever, all opinions are my own.

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