Outdoors in the Red

Now that we have a bit more light and warmer temperatures, both boys are outside virtually all the time. The lovely weather last weekend was enjoyed to the max by the outdoor two. Luke nags to get outside from the moment he opens his eyes right till he goes for his bath. He simply loves being out, pottering about.

Last Friday was “Crazy hair day” for Comic Relief. Luke being the second child was allowed to join in! (I don’t think I would have put red dye in Scott’s hair at just shy of 2 years old!!!)

Luke was absolutely thrilled with the whole process so I foolishly kept on liberally spraying the “wash out” red dye in his hair:


Trying to get the dye scrubbed out of a wriggly boy at bath time who was having none of it was not such fun! As a result, Luke’s hair (and head) took on a pinkish hue for the days after until we finally got it all out…

SAM_5923A little pink at the park! I don’t know what was worse – people thinking we had let our child’s head get sunburnt or people thinking we dyed our not yet 2 year old’s hair! Eek!

Lukester didn’t seem to mind:SAM_5925A wee picnic in the park:SAM_5928SAM_5921The park was heaving on such a lovely day, so we also spent some time on the beach throwing stones. Little crabs scuttled away nervously as Luke’s grabby hands explored some rock pools.SAM_5930SAM_5931

We are definitely up for more days like this over the holidays.

Finally, a bit of baking – Black Forrest Gateau for my mum for Mothers Day. An 1980’s throwback, but it went down well with some cream.


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