Jumping in muddy puddles

Luke recently bought his first book. He used his World Book Day token to buy a Peppa Pig book:17361455_10155175595001757_668897512_n[1]He does like a good read. Last Saturday we went to the library for a read, play and colour-in. Coincidentally, Peppa Pig was the book of choice here too:SAM_5874Luke wants to go out and play ALL the time. Whenever we are out somewhere he says, “Go outside home?” If he is told that it is too late, or too dark, or too wet he tries to turn it around with a “Maybe?” We were out a lot the past weekend jumping in puddles. Spiderman came too:

In between showers we also had a trip to the park.SAM_5877SAM_5878SAM_5879SAM_5883SAM_5885SAM_5886SAM_5891

Last Sunday we went to the Sealife Centre at Loch Lomond shores. This was a hit with both the boys, but particularly Luke who ran around shrieking in delight at the otters jumping and swimming and diving.SAM_5895

SAM_5897SAM_5900SAM_5909There was also a bit of rock pooling which including holding a shark egg:

We had a wee run around in the park afterwards during which the boys got absolutely bogging!



It is a bit of a running theme at the moment that every weekend Scott manages to get through about 8 pairs of trousers and 4 pairs of shoes due to getting wet and muddy. I suspect this may be the case for  some weeks to come!

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