The boys have had a busy social calendar recently. They were at cousin Jude’s 5th birthday party:sam_5834sam_5835sam_5837-copysam_5840sam_5847Luke took a wee while to warm up, but once he got going he had a great time. Scott was really good with him in terms of watching out for him and making sure he was okay.

Then, Scott had a friend’s party at Ravenscraig Activity Centre:17148681_10211152068372548_876009773_o17149111_10211152067812534_722087201_oNeedless to say, he had a great time with his friends. At all these social events, we just tag along as extras!

We have had a few days here and there where it has felt something close to Spring and both the boys love being out and about. Luke is desperate to get out in the garden and he loved a wee shot of the chalk:

Another firm favourite at the moment is bubbles. Luke is always asking for “bubbles, please?” We often have to tell wee white lies that there are no bubbles left as the thing is, Luke is not just content to see the bubbles and let me or Billy blow them. Oh no! “I do it!” Is the constant refrain! This can be a bit tricky, and messy:sam_5809-copy

Luke still absolutely loves doing things with Scott, even the simplest of things. Last Saturday they spent about half an hour sliding down the stairs together.

Luke is also very vocal in terms of telling us what he does not like. He repeatedly tells us,”No like it.” This can be anything from “No like it put my clothes on” to “No like it dee dee dee” (In response to someone singing/humming dee dee dee!!) The pair of them certainly know how to have a good time!

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