Book Week

It has been a bit of a trying week with the Lukester. He was a bit out of sorts at the start of the week and this has continued on to him being quite demanding and not wanting to let me out of sight for a minute. Getting ready in the morning has been difficult as he is constantly saying “Sit down, Mummy”, wanting me to sit down beside him. When he doesn’t get his own way, Luke makes it known he is not happy!

Another feature of the last few days is Luke wanting to sit on one of the proper dining room chairs rather than his high chair.


I am struggling to get Luke to smile in photographs now that he has been taught to make a “grumpy face.”sam_5799

Scott also says he has to do a “serious face” if he is wearing his school uniform:sam_5797

We got into the spirit of World Book Week with Scott dressing up as Private Tommo Peaceful (Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo):sam_5817sam_5818

Only problem was, he wouldn’t actually wear it at school. He decided he felt foolish wearing it and took it off the minute he got there!

Luke was Stick Man (Stick Man by Julia Donaldson) He wasn’t entirely obliging with his costume either, but we got a few snaps:sam_5829sam_582817124820_10155127159721757_147592522_n117125117_10155127159696757_1980735709_n1

Whatever the costumes, the boys do seem to enjoy books, so that is definitely something.






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