Passing times

We are still very much on a quiet trajectory these days as we continue to look forward to longer days and more time outdoors. That’s why we make the most of those finer things in life – Saturday afternoon jelly on the kitchen floor:sam_5793sam_5795

We visited Loch Lomond shores recently for a day out. Again, it was bitterly cold so we did not stay out for a very long time, but it is always nice to get out at least for a while.sam_5771sam_5776sam_5777

 The shops at Loch Lomond shores are nice and the Sea Life Centre is also fun. We decided to save the aquarium for another day as it is quite expensive to get in and we were able to get outside for a while. Luke is at a wonderful stage where everything he sees brings such wonder and excitement. He loves walking himself and examining and studying everything. It was pretty good going that we didn’t end up with any wet feet or worse!sam_5778sam_5780sam_5781Luke’s  “my walking” has also extended to when I take him for a pram run. I let him walk the first wee bit and then he fights a bit when I try to put him in the pram.  After he is in, he commands “fast” and we can get going. It takes a bit of extra puff as I have to point out cars, vans, dogs, birds etc! He still has his sleep though so I can eventually settle into a rhythm.

Billy and I were also treated to a child free cinema trip at the weekend. We went to see Trainspotting 2 which I really enjoyed. It was exceptionally depressing at points and it made me feel old and also nostalgic about times gone by. The complex nature of the characters and the exceptional acting of Robert Carlyle in particular make the film well worth watching. 

Image result for trainspotting 2

Twenty years, though. Sheesh!




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