Bitter days, sweet times

It was great to have a bit more time to spend with the boys over the long weekend. Luke was in nursery on Friday, so I had a day with Scott. His activity of choice was a trip to Andy Park to play football and we then went on to the cinema to see “Sing”. (This was the second choice film of the weekend since Lego Batman was on the agenda for Tuesday.)


The weather was bitterly cold again for most of the weekend, so we had short bursts outside while also spending a fair bit of time indoors. Whenever Luke hears the mention of “den” he is more than willing to participate:


Luke is also obsessed with jumping at the moment so he finds ways and means to get himself into precarious positions:sam_5719

The “indoor” theme was continued at Funworld on Saturday:

I felt like I was chilled to the core over this past weekend and am very envious of anyone who is away for some winter sun! The boys enjoyed our walk at Lochwinnoch, but I felt in the need of a sleeping bag and log fire. Walking with the wee fella is not fast so I did not feel I was heating up on the toddle…

sam_5756Someone was happy to see some more dens…..

sam_5760sam_5761sam_5767Luke’s wee nose goes like Rudolph’s in the cold!sam_5769

Also this week Scott was very pleased and proud to recite his Scots poem “Roguey Poguey” to “The Cronies”. He went to school with a tartan tie especially for the occasion:sam_5691sam_5693sam_5696He worked very hard to learn his poem and it was fun hearing his wee brother trying to pick it up too!

Valentine’s Day gave me a wee excuse to bring out my baking stuff for the first time in a while. I made a chocolate sponge cake sandwiched and covered with buttercream icing then topped with a chocolate ganache. The fun bit then involves surrounding the cake with chocolate fingers then choosing some chocolate favourites to go on top. I got the chocolate heart from Thorntons. Not exactly a healthy option, but a fun treat!sam_5782sam_5789













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