Peas in a pod

The weeks seem to be rolling on and as much as I look forward to every weekend, weekends at the moment are very low-key. We didn’t leave the town all weekend last time and I fear I am lacking a bit of get up and go.  We did make it to swimming on Saturday and out for lunch on Sunday, but that was about the extent of our adventures. Most places that the boys would have interest and patience for visiting are outdoors and the cold, wind and rain precludes that at the moment.

Luke is still all about doing things with Scott. He comes to tell us if he is “sitting with Scott” or “playing dinosaurs with Scott” :..sam_5685sam_5686sam_5687

…… or “eating cake with Scott.” It makes him so happy!sam_5681sam_5684

Luke loves dinosaurs at the moment:sam_5689

 Whenever Luke is getting a biscuit (or pinching it!) or something for himself, he always gets one for his brother too. It is very cute.

Hopefully my life will get more exciting soon!!! 🙂 🙂

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