Quiet days

The last couple of weekends have been quiet for me and I don’t feel I have done much. The weather hasn’t been conducive to days out and I have lacked the energy to get going. I have also been hanging on to payday (so I can enjoy the 2 days when I feel I have money before the direct debits kick in!!!) January has been quite a yucky month for me health wise so fingers crossed things improve in February. I had grand plans in my head running wise, but an unhealthy month has given me a bit of a reality check and I just want to get back to feeling a bit more energised again.

We took the boys to Dean Park a couple of weeks ago and it was very muddy. A lot of the park is closed off for work so we just had a bit of a walk about.

Luke had his “I do it” mindframe on when he was walking so he ended up taking a bit of a tumble and getting a sore face:sam_5640

I have taken the boys to Andy Park the past couple of weekends too. This has worked in with getting Luke a sleep in his pram while giving me a chance to play football with Scott for a while. Luke has co-operated well and had a good long sleep both times.sam_5610

This arrangement has also had the advantage of Luke waking up in a place he wants to be – the park!

He was so happy swinging beside Scottsam_5663sam_5665sam_5662

The boys also got a bit of a kick about together:

After both these trips I was kind of chilled to the bones, though. I am very much looking forward to some warmer days!

The quieter days has meant more indoor play and I got the train sets out for Luke to play with over the weekend:

Scott got to dress up for “Scotland Day” at school last week. Luke joined in too:sam_5642sam_5644sam_5645

As you may have noticed from the pics, Scott has discovered hair gel! He is channelling the Chrsitaino Ronaldo look at the moment. The laugh of it is that Luke needs to copy everything Scott does so I have to pretend to put gel in his hair too!

Onwards and upwards into February now…..






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