A Twenty Month Old and a Nearly Six and a Half Year Old

Luke is now twenty months old, and Scott will be six and a half in a couple of weeks. They are obviously both at quite different stages but it is interesting to see the dynamic of both boys together as well as their own separate worlds.smile
Luke’s vocabulary is growing all the time and my favourite is to hear him saying names of people at nursery! He manages to turn things into a little chant. After he has had tea he will start to chant, “Ogurt, fruit” (yogurt!) He has started to assert his independence more and more so that when I try to feed him or help him with something he will say, “I do it.” Luke does not like it when he is not given undivided attention. If I am sitting with my phone, or reading something, he will attempt to swipe it away and say, “No!” Luke also likes to direct me to where he wants me to be; “In the kitchen…” sam_5590Or “Sit there!”sam_5592

He can spot the rustle of any sort of food bag, clink of a plate or opening of a cupboard from a good distance and he will make his way over to have a share in whatever food is on offer.Luke knows routines very well. He is quite insistent that his sleeping bag is put back on the end of his cot in the morning and if he hears any mention of going out he will get his jacket and shoes. He can be a very persuasive soul, he turns my face to face him sometimes and says “Park?” or “Book?” or “Play?” (softplay). The past couple of weeks, Luke has been developing his ability to jump.He frequently jumps off things saying “jumping” or “jumping like a frog”. He is still mastering being able to jump from a level position and not actually jumping “off” something.sam_5589

He is still a Mr Tumble fan and he loves to point things out when he is watching it such as “Tumble’s house” or “Aunt Polly”. Luke has branched out a little now though and he also likes pirates (Swashbuckle)and the biggy, “Booball with Scott” – playing football with Scott!

Our little pirate:sam_5607


Scott is usually happy to oblige with any football playing requests.sam_5597sam_5632 Scott would happily play football all day. He still likes watching football, especially YouTube clips showing football challenges. sam_5611sam_5614He is delighted with his new training kit for the Colts:


Scott is now also training Luke in the art of goal celebrations from a “dab” to a Ronaldo pose!

Whenever we got to softplay Scott can spend the full two hours in the football section. The boys don’t tend to play together much at softplay but I am thankful that Scott is at an age where I can leave him to play himself so I can focus on Luke. Luke is at the hard work at softplay stage as he doesn’t want to stick in the baby bit, but needs a lot of help in the “big bit”. This inevitably means squashing myself into small spaces and squeezing through tight bends!

Scott got moved up a level in his swimming lessons this week which he is delighted about. He is happy doing anything that is active, but Scott does also like reading books and practising his writing and sums. It can be very cute and amusing to read a diary entry he has written or to receive a little letter from Scott. Some of the way he spells things is also fantastic. Billy and I love that he calls the extreme darkness “peach black”.

20 month Luke and 6 and a half Scott like:

  • Eating tea together. (Whenever Luke pinches food from the cupboard he gets some for his brother too!)
  • Playing football together.
  • Playing “get you”.
  • Saying “good night” to each other.
  • Making dens.

20 month Luke and 6 and a half Scott do not like:

  • Saying “goodbye” and leaving each other.
  • Sharing toys. Luke keeps grabbing things at the moment and saying “mine”. Some of the things an ownership battle can start over has extended beyond toys to include a t-shirt, a spoon, a rice crispie and face cloth.
  • When the other has something that he does not have (mainly Luke here!)
  • When attending to one boy’s needs is taking a lot of time (mainly Scott here!)

Time is continuing to fly by so I am trying to make the most of the boys at this lovely stage.


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