New Year Woes

The New Year didn’t quite get off to the start I had expected and after my first week back at work I am finally taking the chance to catch up a bit on the events of the past couple of weeks. We woke up on New Year’s Day to a bright sunny morning, so we decided to take the boys a walk up the hill. Unfortunately, Scott was not “feeling it” on this particular day, so he moaned virtually all the way up.  It was a pity, as it really was a cracking day for a walk. Luke was happy enough on the way up…


Both of the boys were briefly happy at the top!sam_5533sam_5535sam_5536sam_5537

Billy and I were wishing we could go it solo!!sam_5534Then, Luke cried all the way down!

Scott ended up not feeling so great on the 2nd (which may explain some of his surliness on our walk the previous day) so we laid low before making a trip to New Lanark on Billy’s final day off, the 3rd. We only scratched the surface in our visit and fortunately have free return tickets to go back. We only managed a couple of things including the Annie McLeod experience which to my dismay was transformed to a “Spirit of Christmas” experience for the duration of the Festive Period. It didn’t give the historical perspective I was hoping to share with Scott, but Luke fair enjoyed it!sam_5541

We went into the schoolroom and enjoyed the hands-on experience:sam_5544Using a “gird and cleek” is not as easy as it looks, but Toys R Us should really think about stocking them as they are great fun!


The boys had heard mention of a softplay, so we let them have an explore before we called it a day. This was quite a different one, with lots of sensory items for little ones.

As well as some good hide and seek opportunities:sam_5560sam_5562

We were impressed with New Lanark and hope to go back in the summer in warmer weather – Maybe the boys will enjoy a walk in the lovely grounds….

sam_5543Or not!!!

After the 3rd, the rest of my break went kind of downhill. I awoke the next day with a tummy bug and didn’t recover till the weekend, so alas I feel I wasted the 2nd half of my holiday and returned to work feeling unaccomplished with tasks un-done. I even managed to mix up the date for a birthday party Scott was attending at Funworld. We showed up a day early which meant double bubble softplay for the boys!

The first week back has gone in reasonably quickly and normality has returned, but I was forced into an unplanned dental visit and not such a nice procedure to treat an inflamed nerve and abscess. Not my healthiest start to a year, but fingers crossed that’s me got that misfortune out the way early doors.

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