My 2016 in Review

Like for most people, my year has had its ups and its downs, but when I shudder at some of the horrible things that have happened in the world this year, I am able to count my blessings and be thankful for the safety and security I enjoy. 2016 has brought  a few positive changes for me. The most significant is a new job that I started in October. After 10 and a half years in my previous position it was strange to move on, but I feel satisfied that I have made the right move and I am enjoying my new role. We had exciting times and a big build up for the Official Opening of my work this month. Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Minister for Education, John Swinney MSP paid a visit.

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A big part of my sense of self fulfillment this year has been down to running. I have plodded many a mile over the months and have had a good year in terms of the races I have taken part in. My good form started in May with the Michael’s Movers Millport 10 miler. It was a glorious day and I celebrated my Lukester’s 1st year with a PB time of 1.14.33.additional finish

On holiday in July I did the Haytor Heller  6miler on Dartmoor and got another taste of off-road hill running. I improved on my previous time and finished 4th female.

This hill running experience led to me taking the place of one of Billy’s work colleagues in another hill run in September, From ‘Hel and Back (7.5miles). I trained well in the lead up to this event and it paid off.I finished 2nd female and received my first ever monetary prize!

My running highlight was definitely the Great Scottish Run in October. Everything clicked for me on the day and I ran my fastest half-marathon in a time of 1hr 34 minutes, averaging a 7.13 pace. Of the 9259 finishers, I placed 924th, 83rd female.I am still very chuffed with my stats for this race.

The sun has shone on me this year running wise and I know I will have to learn to take the downs in running a bit better than I have previously.I am still not “over” my 2014 marathon disaster and I still have the desire to avenge that ghost. I don’t think 2017 will be the year for that, but it is still on the list.

Paying the costs of two little ones in childcare has sort of destroyed our leisure and entertainment budget this year, but we have made the most of our Christmas gift of Historic Scotland Membership and visited lots of castles in 2016.It has certainly been good value for money and I had some of my best days of the year with the boys at Historic Scotland places and events.

The second half of 2016 has been a bit more of an even keel for me and I am loving seeing the boys growing and changing. The way they interact with each other also gets better every day.sam_5458

I don’t want to dwell too much on the downs -juggling the demands of a having a young family and the never-ending cycle of guilt over not being there for them much during the week isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. The frustrations of never feeling as if I have enough time,money or energy are truly 1st World problems.On the whole, 2016 has brought lots of encouraging things for me, and Billy and my boys help me keep putting the one foot in front of the other.

I hope 2017 is good for you. Peace x

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