Grey days

The weather has been almost entirely dismal this past week and I long for daylight. I am trying to be encouraged by the fact that in a few days  we will pass the winter solstice and the slow march towards longer days will begin. It is hard leaving home in the dark and returning in the dark. A sunshine holiday would definitely be nice!

We had a drizzly visit to Gourock Park last weekend. Lukester wasn’t too deterred by the weather as he loves splashing in puddles:sam_5343sam_5350

This also includes with his hands!sam_5351sam_5361

The chickens were also amusing for Luke, though I was a bit concerned about him getting pecked as he is not shy about putting his fingers right through the fence:


Wet bottoms all round on the slides and swings!


Scott was more interested in hide and seek:sam_5357

And, of course, football:sam_5358Like his brother a few years ago, Luke was a little perplexed by the immovable “balls” 🙂


“Come on want it? Come and get it!”sam_5369

Last weekend, Scott also engaged in an unexpected cleaning frenzy. Dusting and cleaning glass was the new favourite pastime. It lasted a few hours, so I made the most of it!sam_5370sam_5371

This week has brought more Christmas events with Luke’s Christmas party at nursery:sam_5375

And Scott’s p2 class singing for the p1 Christmas nativity:sam_5380sam_5390

Despite appearances (serious face in the photo), Luke does love a party. Any time music goes on, he starts to dance. I must also commit to my permanent memory the sound and image of Luke wandering about singing “Ally bally bee”. He must have been hearing this one at nursery and listening to his version is one of the cutest things ever! It is just as well he is cute as he is killing me slowly at night times again with his antics….

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