Busy Boys in November

Scott is still all about the football. On our long weekend off school I had a day with Scott when Luke was in nursery and of all the things to do he chose a trip to Andy Park for football. The weather wasn’t the nicest, but we still lasted a full 90 minutes. Scott now identifies himelf as a left winger after I praised his moves on the left wing!


sam_5095I asked Scott recently what he thought Santa could bring him. Scott told me he would tell Santa that football is “his thing” so Santa could bring him anything to do with football!sam_5098

It is great seeing the boys playing together more and more. Scott is now starting to see that Luke can have his uses in kicking a ball about and Luke adores running about and playing with Scott. They had a great play session at the park last Saturday:



Luke was also delighted to be wearing his welly boots for the first time and he was even more thrilled to see that there were puddles to splash in:sam_5121sam_5123sam_5125

Luke is also following in Scott’s footsteps by attempting to master “the steps.” It is funny to think that a few years ago that this was such a big challenge for Scott!

sam_5127sam_5117Scooters are also on the agenda too!

I am very slowly plodding through Christmas shopping and we made the usual mistake of taking the kids on a shopping trip to Silverburn recently. Shopping with kiddos just doesn’t work well in my experience so we ended up getting one thing and then going home. Luke was able to have a wee play in the kids area, going through the tunnel, but like his brother, has no tolerance for shops!


Santa may hopefully have seen how much Luke loves a coupe car. Whenever we go to softplay Luke heads for that area.


It is getting to the time of year when I am struggling to keep track of all the dates in the calendar for the various activities for the boys. Last week Scott had to dress up for Children In Need:


Doing “The Dab”:


Thursday night was Christmas Fayre night so I made some Tottenham cake known for its lurid pink icing!


I can barely believe we will be in December next week. Lots of things are coming up so as ever, I will be kept on my toes!




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