18 months old (and a wedding)

On Wednesday, Luke will be 18 months old. We are starting to get comments that he is “turning into a right wee boy.” I fear this may mean the beginning of the boisterousness that we are already well acquainted with!!!

We saw a wee bit of the two boy boisterousness at our friends’ wedding last week . We got them “jammied up” just before we headed home and they both got a bit of a second wind on the dance floor.


Lynn and Ryan’s “at home” wedding was lovely and a fun time was had by all.


18 month Luke is fast on his feet and loves a run around and a chase. When he is in the mood for this game he says, “Get ye” or “Tack” (Attack) and barrels at you, or runs away!


He is a great wee eater and points out food he sees in pictures or in real time. We have a Bake Off Calendar on a cupboard door and every time he sees it he shouts, “Cake!” When he is starting to get hungry he starts a chant of  “Tea, tea, tea.” He cheers when his tea is ready and in the morning when he wants to go down for breakfast he points downstairs and says “to eat, to eat.”


He is still the messiest of messy pups and whenever he goes quiet I can be sure he is smearing something or getting into something he shouldn’t. Ripping teabags is an all time favourite!

Luke loves to be outside and often goes and gets his jacket as a sign he wants to go out. He potters about happily, although the being forced by him to sit on a cold step beside him isn’t the greatest of things on a cold November day!


18 month old Luke loves:

  • Playing with his brother. Luke seeks Scott out every morning, shouting “Scott, Scott” and banging on his bedroom door!sam_5056(Scott at Lynn and Ryan’s wedding)
  • Playing ball
  • Eating -especially other people’s food!
  • A cuddle
  • Mr Tumble (“Bumble”, L also has a good bash at the “Hello” song)
  • Banging and making noisesam_5081sam_5083
  • Books (not such fun when it is thrust in your face to read at 6am, mind!)
  • Parkssam_4944
  • Animals, especially dogs (“Hiya doggy)

18 month old Luke does not like:

  • Nappy changes
  • Sitting down in the bath
  • Sleeping all night 😦 !!!
  • Being told “No”

Luke’s hair is starting to get a bit longer now, but he is still very fair. He wears a size 5 shoe and is in to his 18-24 month clothes. We are very much enjoying our boys….most of the time!




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