Horrid and Happy Halloween

Halloween is fast becoming a favourite time of year for me in terms of making and baking. There are so many fab ideas out there! Unfortunately time did not permit me to immerse myself in the kitchen too much and I had to limit myself to a couple of items. I decided to try these “Brains” and was chuffed with how yucky they turned out!


These are made with melted mini marshmallows, melted butter combined with rice crispies. They are shaped into “brains” and drizzled with red coloured icing.

I always like to make a centre piece cake and looked through a few sites for some ideas. I had to be realistic and choose something relatively straightforward so I opted for this spooky castle cake:


The bottom tier is a 4 egg Victoria sandwich and the middle layer is a smaller 2 egg version. Each layer is sandwiched with jam and buttercream. The tower section is Swiss Roll which I did not make! I made the same mistake as I usually do in my haste and did not level off the cakes. This led to a very unstable creation which had to be held to together with skewer sticks as support beams. The cake is decorated with buttercream icing coloured with a midnight blue colouring. Matchmakers make the door and Toblerone the machinations. I would have liked edible spiders, but I couldn’t source these and was too short on time to make them myself. Next time, I would also try candy floss instead of cotton wool for the webs. The windows are made from simple yellow ready roll icing (sorry Mary Berry!)

I had a very willing helper for this fun decorating. He ended up with a rather blue face by the end of the night….


The cake took a bit of a battering on the journey to the Halloween party we were attending, but it more or less made it.

My sister, Eileen held a Halloween Party for the kids and our little Yoda and Darth Vader had a great time.

The Yoda costume lasted longer on Luke than I anticipated:sam_4991sam_4992sam_4993sam_4996sam_4998sam_4999

The witch piniata was a definite highlight for all, but she was a tough old nut to crack!sam_5001sam_5003sam_5005

Elvis even made another appearance:sam_5002sam_5006

On Sunday we had a school trip to Kelburn for the haunted forest. It had a zombie theme. I enjoyed it (I like that kind of scary thing).I’m saying nothing, but you can judge for yourself its appropriateness for primary children…

sam_5015sam_5017sam_5018sam_5020sam_5021sam_5022sam_5024sam_5025sam_5026sam_5029sam_5030sam_5031sam_5032sam_5033sam_5034sam_5037sam_5038sam_5039sam_5040sam_5041sam_5042sam_5043Gulp, eh?

We were very relieved that there were no bedtime repercussions. Fortunately, Luke was too wee to notice – he just ended up rather cobweb covered and poor Billy had to crawl several sections with the Lukester on his back.

We finished off the weekend with a less terrifying task of pumpkin carving:sam_5044

The boys also dressed up for school and nursery. We didn’t think Yoda would last at nursery so Luke was a stormtrooper instead:


Onwards and upwards to Christmas now!!!!


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