October holiday happenings

Scott had a couple of days of football camp and Luke had 2 days in nursery during the October break so it meant I had a nice mix of both boys together and one on one time with each of the boys.sam_4780

Luke liked to get involved in football camp too…sam_4778

One of Scott’s days was over at Greenwood, so I ended up spending the day down there with Luke rather than coming home. We went to the Magnum softplay for a while:


And had a walk about the Beach Park:sam_4836

We had to take Scott for a check up of his grommets at Ayr Hospital so we tied in a trip to the park there too.

sam_4817sam_4818sam_4819sam_4820One of Scott’s football days finished early so I took both boys to the park on the way home:


We also had a family day trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park.sam_4792sam_4793sam_4796sam_4798sam_4799

sam_4802sam_4812sam_4814sam_4811sam_4809sam_4806I fear we may have wasted our money. Luke kept pointing at the Lemurs shouting “Cat, cat!”

At home, we have been starting to embrace Halloween by trying out costumes and doing some Halloween crafts.

sam_4839sam_4841This mess monster loves painting. We did some spooky handprints: (Luke thinks he did sheep – he keeps saying “Baa”  🙂 )


Scott did a ghost, spiders and blood!


Halloween baking is to follow, for now we just made some cupcakes:


Scott’s current favourite pastime in and outside is den/base/campsite building. It is amazing how quickly your room can turn into a complete mess!

sam_4845sam_4848sam_4861Luke is more than happy to join in and thankfully they have mainly played well together this week. When Luke was “messing up the campsite”, however, I heard Scott pulling out his best insults: “You’re such a big baby Luke. Messi and Ronaldo are never going to pass to you.”

Scott bled me dry on our treat day on Friday. We went to the cinema to see Pete’s Dragon, before going to IntuBraehead for minigolf and bowling.


We finished up the week with a park outing followed by softplay. I love the Autumnal colours in the parks so decided Bellahouston Park was a good shout. I ran through it a couple of weeks ago at the Half Marathon and it looked splendid. I also knew that rain was likely so a quick getaway to a nearby softplay was handy. The park was kind of deserted except for the dry ski slope that Scott was begging me for a shot on!

sam_4872sam_4874sam_4875The playpark was a bit different, but by the time we made it there the weather was taking a bit of a turn.sam_4883sam_4887sam_4889sam_4893sam_4896We ended up under a shelter for our picnic:

sam_4897sam_4899The we made a hasty retreat to WonderWorld:sam_4900sam_4908sam_4916sam_4918“Nunnels” are a big favourite just now. Luke also kept trying to get up the big volcano bit to get to Scott:sam_4903sam_4905One day Lukester, one day!

It has been a fun but busy week. Any chance of a holiday now?


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