Out and About in September

Time is continuing to march on with this one, now at 16 months, who is now up on his feet and toddling about.sam_4601

He is becoming a right little chatterbox and he can say many of his favourite things: park, ball, car.

We are also discovering that he is becoming rather partial to a sword fight. He got some duelling in when we took a trip to Inchmahome Priory recently. Scott picked this Historic Scotland trip because it involved a boat:sam_4555sam_4561sam_4564

Although a priory may be seen as a place of tranquility, Scott was determined that this site should be regarded in the same way as other ancient monuments we have visited…



Scott enjoyed discovering the various nooks and crannies as much as anything else. The trails around the island are pleasant and good for little explorers.

Picnic time:sam_4553

It was disappointing that so much of the priory was shut off for restoration work and I would like to see it properly without the fencing.


Over the past weekend we also enjoyed a family weekend in Bute.sam_4617

A highlight was some time spent at a most gorgeous beach, Etterick Bay. Both the boys loved it.sam_4625sam_4626sam_4628sam_4629sam_4633sam_4638sam_4639It is a real bonnie place and the sunny weather made it picture perfect.

The holiday weekend was completed with a day at Heads of Ayr Farm Park. We were blessed with another nice day so I decided to chance a trip by myself with both boys.sam_4674It was mostly fine and Scott just got a bit frustrated that he couldn’t always do what he wanted and that I couldn’t always play with him. He managed to find other play mates though and I am sure I must be teaching a lesson in patience somehow!


Scott even managed to include Luke in some pirate games:sam_4646sam_4652sam_4653sam_4655sam_4659

Luke loved the trampoline and bouncy pillows…as long as no-one else bounced.sam_4662sam_4666Scott told him, “You’re going to have to deal with it, Luke. If you’re on a trampoline, you’re going to have to expect to bounce.” Fair point!

I bribed Scott into walking round the animals by buying him some animal feed to give to the animals:sam_4683sam_4687

The fort:sam_4704


Zip slide and tyres. (Not so easy to get big one on these with little one in arms!)

Softplay. Fortunately Scott made friends as I had to stick with this guy:sam_4712sam_4710sam_4708

Luke’s favourite bit was definitely the new tractor section. He was overwhelmed with choice and kept going from one tractor to the next shouting “Tractor!”


It did prove a little bothersome on our next park visit when a child at the park had a small ride on tractor and Luke couldn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed on it this time! Some things aren’t easy to explain to a 16 month old…

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