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It is getting to the stage whereby our whole house needs rearranged due to a certain little Lukester. He found a way to barge through the baby gate at the bottom of the  stairs, so Billy had to modify it slightly to stop him getting through. The Lukester was not best pleased!

He also discovered that he could climb his way onto this chair in the living room to access the stuff on this unit:sam_4498

We had to reorganise a little and moved the chair into the dining room. He quite likes having a wee seat on it here:sam_4517

Luke was very pleased with the Scotland result against Malta:


But he did laugh that some dodgy decisions went Scotland’s way for a change…sam_4518

Whenever I have spare time with Luke I mostly take him to swings and I don’t tire of seeing his face:


I remember this stage well with Scott when this slide was like the biggest thing ever. The back of it is not particularly well designed as it has a big drop which strikes the fear right through me!


We are also getting to the stage where he is enjoying throwing stones. He is not quite steady enough on his feet to stand and throw yet, so he sits down.

SAM_4493SAM_4494SAM_4495SAM_4496His efforts weren’t quite reaching the water so he kept handing me stones with his “Gangcoo”(Thank you 🙂 )

While we have been waiting for Saturday Sports Club to resume, Scott has been accompanying me on walks with Luke to get him to sleep. Scott likes to lead the way and show me “new places.” This week, it was different ways to get to the high school:


Luke was also getting to play with some of Scott’s toys which made him happy:


When I was visiting the library to look for a book to help with Scott’s homework, we came across Bookbug so we decided to stay. I discovered that Luke is quite fond of drawing now too:sam_4524

I am easing off my training now in preparation for my hill race on Sunday. I did a tough 6 hilly, muddy miles on Sunday and am hopefully ready to go. sam_4521

Will I make it From Hel n’ Back?!

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