Over the hill

The new routines have set in now that we are back at school and both boys don’t stop their growing! Luke is almost up on his feet walking and he is picking up new words all the time. He loves to go “up, up” his slide…..SAM_4411SAM_4412SAM_4415

and “up, up” the stairs.SAM_4441He is a regular little chatterbox and he especially loves his animal sounds.

The weather has been a bit of a mixed bag recently so we have spent time at softplay.SAM_4423SAM_4427SAM_4430SAM_4433

And swimming:SAM_4443SAM_4445

Scott also got to pose with Kylo Ren on a recent trip to Braehead:


I always savour our chances to get outdoors and I am trying to make the most of any opportunities we get as we wait for Autumn to set in. Luke is obsessed with the park and shouts “park, park” whenever we get anywhere near. We made a couple of trips to the park on Saturday.SAM_4450SAM_4455

Scott pushing the swing tops this experience for Luke!SAM_4459SAM_4460

Later in the day we went down town and Scott and Billy went putting while I took Lukester for another park visit.


Scott also had a wee foray onto the beach.SAM_4473The Viking Festival is in full swing so we spent some pennies (!!)at the fair. SAM_4477SAM_4480

I am in full training mode for my next race, From Hel n’ Back. This is a 7.7 mile off-road hill run from Helensburgh that heads up over Loch Lomond and the Trossachs. I have been trying to pack in some hill training and there is nowhere better for hills than just outside my back door. I have to admit that this run on Sunday was not a pleasant experience and I slogged up the hills. There is nothing like a bit of hill running to make me feel decidedly unfit! I couldn’t even keep up with the sheep:


Got to admit that the old legs are tired and sore. Hopefully if I ease off next week I will “peak” at the right time. Or should I say, peak at the right peak? 🙂

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