The final days of summer

The final days of the summer holidays have been far from summery (up until today!!) and we have been forced into indoor pursuits such as softplay, swimming and cinema. After Scott’s 2nd viewing of The BFG last week we tried Finding Dory which didn’t quite excite Scott as much. He is definitely a fan of the cinema now, though I think that may be due in part to the expectation that a slush will be on the agenda! Our cinema trip was a partial compensation for a lacklustre end to his final football camp which had to finish early on the last couple of days due to bad weather.

SAM_4338SAM_4339SAM_4341SAM_4342SAM_4353SAM_4354SAM_4355SAM_4356These regular football opportunities have been a big highlight for Scott this summer.

We have been lucky to catch up with some friends and family over the past few days. We met some friends from America at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum for a catch up.SAM_4344SAM_4347SAM_4349SAM_4352

And we also had a fun day at Glasgow Science Centre. This was an alternative to our planned trip to Blairdrummond Safari Park. The weather just did not co-operate. 😦


We took the opportunity when we had one nicer day to fit in a trip to Heads of Ayr Farm Park. Luke isn’t just a passenger any more so Billy and I split up with a boy each (swapping over from time to time). Luke loved the animals on offer:SAM_4259SAM_4260SAM_4263SAM_4265SAM_4269

Scott as ever favoured the sliding, running and jumping options:SAM_4211SAM_4214SAM_4219SAM_4223SAM_4225SAM_4226SAM_4227SAM_4228SAM_4234SAM_4238SAM_4241SAM_4245SAM_4246SAM_4248SAM_4250SAM_4272SAM_4273SAM_4274

The Farm Park definitely has a firm place in Luke’s affections now too, so no doubt there will be more visits in the years to come.SAM_4277SAM_4281SAM_4282SAM_4284

Summer has decided to put in another appearance just as the holidays are ending so I took the boys to Dumbarton Castle for my last summer trip. We visited the castle in June for the Rock of Ages event and had decided then that we should come back to see the castle itself as we hadn’t really seen much of it with all that was going on.

Ready to get our castle on:SAM_4368

It is another good castle, but totally inaccessible by pram given that it is built on a rock. This meant I had a heavy burden on my back for most of our visit.


Scott kept on running on ahead and hiding:SAM_4369SAM_4370

There were canons apleanty:


And lots of peep holes:


I let Luke down as often as possible to crawl around:SAM_4391SAM_4392SAM_4389

There were so many steps to climb which was a bit of a killer with Luke on board:



Here we go….SAM_4400

But the views were pretty spectacular:


We all had a nice day and really I have loved my time with these two over the past few weeks. But all good things have to come to an end 😦

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