Special Six Stuff

Scott was champing at the bit on his birthday morning as Billy was working and I wanted to wait for him before Scott opened his presents. Scott resorted to phoning his Dad and asking him to pop up so he could get unwrapping!


Scott was pleased with Luke’s present of a Manchester City strip…SAM_4295


We got Scott a Playmobil castle. This is the first time that Billy hasn’t pre-built a Playmobil gift. We decided to leave this pre-building as one for the Santa mystique. Scott saw the building process for the first time, so maybe he now appreciates a little the work that this involves!SAM_4299

Scott is also pleased with his archery set and he has played this quite a bit.SAM_4304

Scott’s birthday treat was being a mascot for Largs Thistle in their game against Kilwinning Rangers (The Buffs). This was especially apt as in times gone by I was a regular at Buffs games with my Dad. Scott was excited and anxious about being a mascot in almost equal measure.

He is sporting his Largs Thistle strip (minus socks), new Dortmund training top and new Messi boots (present from Gran and Grandpa). Unfortunately Largs were in their change strip, but Scott stood out nicely.


Pre-match warm up:SAM_4316SAM_4317SAM_4318

Warm up jacket off, ready to go:SAM_4320

The big moment:SAM_4324SAM_4325SAM_4327SAM_4329

Scott got to do the coin toss and he threw it high!SAM_4330SAM_4331SAM_4332

A 2-2 draw may have been the most diplomatic result, although it didn’t particularly please either team.

We rounded the day off with a family birthday meal at Scott’s restaurant (Scott’s choice) and then back home for Happy Birthday and cake.


This year I made a “Messi cake”. SAM_4311

I made a 6 egg Victoria sponge (as per my preferred Mary Berry recipe). I started with two layers, but didn’t feel it looked big enough so made another layer. The rectangular shape tins I used had a very thin layer of cake so I think for this reason I found the cakes very hard to remove from the tins once baked. My greasing ritual was the same as always so I don’t think that could have been to blame. With one of the cakes  especially, I had a bit of nightmare trying to get the cake out. I tried the placing the tin in a basin of hot water method and considered freezing it, but I eventually managed to get a knife under and scoop it out more or less in tact. The cake layers are sandwiched with raspberry jam and chocolate spread and when joined the cake was covered with buttercream icing (again as per Mary Berry’s recipe.)

I then covered the cake in green ready roll fondant icing and used my new piping bag tip to create a grass effect in a section of the “pitch”. I bought some small foam footballs from the party bag section in Asda and stuck a cocktail stick in it to hold it to the cake. I then stuck the 6 candle on top. The Messi figurine is a “Top Trumps” one that I bought online.SAM_4292

I always forget how porous it is working with a piping bag and neglected to use gloves. As a result I had hands like the Hulk by the end of the piping work!

I made my own template for the Messi shirt. It was fairly straightforward, with the lettering being the only real tricky aspect.SAM_4286SAM_4290SAM_4293

I stuck Messi and his shirt down onto the cake with some leftover icing and they stayed well stuck. I finished with piping Scott 6 on the other side and added some edible football decorations that I also sourced on-line.SAM_4306

So that’s it all done for another year!



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