Sweet Six

Dear Scott,

Here comes your 6th birthday. I know you have been age 6 already to many of the friends you have made in the last few months….You have a wee tendency to inflate your age a little, so I guess you may be 7 in your head very soon.


You have changed and grown a lot in the past 12 months. Depending on when I see you now, I either think you are a right big boy or when I see you with older children at school or football I still think you’re just a wee laddie.



It is tempting to want to slow all your growing down, but the more you grow, the more I love the person you are becoming. You are full of fun and have a good sense of humour and you are incredibly stubborn and determined. You are oh so passionate about football at the moment and it often seems to be the only thing on your mind! Messi, Ronaldo, Daniel Sturridge and Graham Muir (formerly of Largs Thistle!) are the heroes you mutter as you kick a ball about and to hear you talk of Cruyff turns, stepovers and Ronaldo flicks brings a small smile to my lips.


Your competitive spirit certainly blows strong, and we are trying to teach you that it’s okay to lose sometimes. Most of your anger and frustration emenates from losing at games or not quite being able to do something. I hope you start to get that it is okay not to be first and that coming second, or last, will not diminish our love for you. Also, I hope you can find enjoyment in things when you don’t win. Most importantly, I hope you come to see that patience is a virtue and that all improvement and progress takes time.

You thoroughly enjoyed your first year at school, but I wish I knew more about your days. You tell me your favourite things are break, lunchtime and playing outside! When I push you on your favourite thing inside the classroom, you tell me reading or sums.I hope your confidence and ease in making friends continues and I hope you will always be happy with the person you are.


The winds of change are definitely blowing though. You will happily spend all day outside in the company of friends and we don’t need to be around to watch your every move ( and you certainly wouldn’t allow it). You have loved going to football camp and the opportunities you have had to play football with older kids on holiday. You can be difficult to get information from and I greedily gulp down the snippets you tell me about school and so on – usually at bed time or in quiet moments in the car. I will bask in the cuddles you still give and in lying beside you reading stories while I can. I know it won’t last for too much longer and I think I can be okay with that as long as I keep seeing you happy.


Happy birthday Scoots xx

Here are your answers aged (almost) 6:

Favourite colour: red

Favourite food: chips

Favourite toy: football

Favourite story: “Cool” by Michael Morpurgo

Favourite TV programme or film: The BFG ( or any programme about football)

Favourite superhero – Messi

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