The Simple Life

We have been back from our holiday for a week and I definitely wish I was back! We have managed to have a nice couple of days though and have managed to keep busy. Scott came right back into football camp and he was happy to get another “crazy hair day” in:


We also took a trip to Bute at the weekend. I can’t believe it is so near, but yet I haven’t visited it in over 30 years. Maybe I was put off by a wet 2 weeks we spent there when I was 5!

The high point for Luke on the ferry was seeing lots of dogs that were taking the trip with us.SAM_4135

We managed to get an unplanned Historic Scotland venue ticked off the list with a visit to Rothesay Castle. Scott and I did most of the exploring as Billy had to push Luke about in his pram to get him a nap.

It turned out to be an excellent site for hide and seek and we both thoroughly enjoyed this castle.

It has been a long time since I have managed to capture a “Billy sleeping on a bench pic”TM, but he managed to make the most of Luke’s nap time.SAM_4164SAM_4165

We had a very bonny view for our picnic:SAM_4166

And then Scott took an invigorating dip:


Like Millport, Rothesay has a bit of an old world feel about it and we enjoyed the simple things with a park stop off before heading home.


Unfortunately I timed it wrong with our berry picking trip to East Yonderton Farm this year. The diminished strawberry crop was all but gone, as were the raspberries. We had to make do with some peas and gooseberries. Although we had slim pickings, we still managed to have a nice day.


Luke was so happy playing catch with Scott:SAM_4197SAM_4198SAM_4200SAM_4202SAM_4210

All in all, our batch cost us a princely £3.57, so I suppose it wasn’t too bad for a day out!

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