Football crazy

This past week has mainly been about football again for Scott. He went to the football camp at West Kilbride and had a wonderful time. I  hung around for bits of it as I am still a wee bit nervy leaving him for the full day as most of the kids are older, but to be fair he seems to cope fine. I do like watching him anyway and it worked in nicely in that I would watch Scott for a bit, go for a run with Luke in his pram (which got Luke a nap in), watch Scott for another bit then head home for lunch. I then aimed to be back half an hour or so before he finished.

SAM_3513SAM_3514SAM_3515SAM_3516SAM_3518SAM_3545Scott was always full of chat about his exploits of the day and the coaches were great with him. He hadn’t had enough of football by the time we finished so we got a trip to the park in on the way home on one of the days which was very much to Luke’s liking too.


Luke loves playing with a ball too and it has been fab seeing both the boys playing together. Luke frequently shouts “Scott” and he is at his happiest when Scott plays with him. Luke’s vocabulary is growing all the time although I wasn’t thrilled when he first started using “up, up, up” at 5am to indicate he wanted to start his day!SAM_3538SAM_3540SAM_3542

The final day of football camp was “Crazy Hair Day” and Scott was super keen on getting his hair “spiked up” with colour in it. I was glad I got one photo of the nice white Spain strip as it certainly wasn’t white when he finished! I really don’t know what Scott does, but he ended up absolutely filthy at the end of each day.SAM_3547SAM_3549SAM_3551

Hands up who had a GREAT time?!SAM_3552

The lessons of football are still coming thick and fast though as we had a few tears on the night of Germany’s exit from the European championships. Whether it is the semi-final of a major tournament or a penalty shootout in the back garden, Scott does not handle defeat well!



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