Grand days out

Luke is getting more and more mobile and is spending more time on his feet, cruising along the furniture.He also likes taking little steps when we hold his hands. This is gonnae be a bit of a back breaker! He seems to be having a very active mind at the moment and I frequently find him crawling and cruising in his cot at night, seemingly still half asleep.SAM_3348SAM_3351SAM_3353SAM_3356He is a bit happier and more settled at nursery which is nice to see. Scott is still very much his hero and thankfully Scott is tossing a few more scraps his way by engaging with him more.SAM_3357

We had a bit of an aborted trip to Kelvingrove Park last weekend when we got caught in heavy showers. We just had a short game on the old school blaes pitch before abandoning for the soft play.


Scott spent most of his time in the football at the softplay and Luke  had a lovely time in the baby section:

Scott finished his first year at school this week and there was an end of term service at the church that I was delighted to be able to go along to with Luke. I dressed Luke up smartly for the occasion and he made a bit of a sensation shouting “Scott” and “brother” during the service.SAM_3392

The p1s all got a wee award.SAM_3383

I had a nice wee day with Scott on Friday while Luke was in nursery. We tried out Air Space in East Kilbride. I may have enjoyed it more than Scott! There is something very liberating as an adult to bounce. Scott as ever was most attached to the football section..


I had to keep enticing him into the other sections. I loved the dodgeball and basketball and the orange trampolines were mega bouncy!


There were lots of really cool sections and I would definitely like to go back.SAM_3394SAM_3399SAM_3397SAM_3401SAM_3402SAM_3403SAM_3404SAM_3405SAM_3406SAM_3419

The day was made when we had an unexpected meet up with cousins for the fair and Nardinis when we got back in town.


On Saturday I took the boys to Linlithgow Palace for the Spectacular Jousting event organised by Historic Scotland. Like previous Historic Scotland events we have been to, this one was extremely well done. I thoroughly enjoyed it and Scott had a blast battling with other would be knights. The weather mostly held up and I definitely need to go back to get a proper look at Linlithgow Palace.

Luke was mostly a good spectator, but he did start to get a bit fed up later in the afternoon. It was not the easiest of environments to let him out for a crawl as he kept heading for people or some particularly steep hills.


Slaying a dragon:SAM_3487SAM_3478

Picking up the rubbish and the grass!SAM_3475

Scott seemed to be involved in plenty of skirmishes throughout the day:SAM_3455SAM_3458SAM_3459SAM_3481

I struggled to get any pics with the boys together:SAM_3480SAM_3473

I got into the spirit of things too!


We stayed right till the bitter end to watch both rounds of jousting and a final skirmish. It meant we didn’t get home till late, but it was worth it to get the most out of our day.

We finished the weekend at the Family Fun weeked down at the front. This is definitely not my favourite event. I always get frustrated by the queues, the queue jumping and the rain that always seems to accompany this event! Despite the array of bouncy inflatable fun on offer, Scott was happiest at the football arena.


He only went on a couple of the other things:SAM_3504SAM_3506

Poor Luke was a bit fed up. I couldn’t contain him in his buggy for long so he crawled around the muddy, wet grass.SAM_3508

And got frustrated and fed up because he couldn’t go on anything!


My mum celebrated her birthday on Friday. Given all her political activism in recent times, only one cake seemed appropriate to mark the occasion:


All we need now is for the weather to actually live up to summer holiday levels.

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