Sunshine, battles and swings

It has been nearly a month since I last posted. It feels like I haven’t had much time to draw breath over the past few weeks with one thing and another and I can’t believe the summer holidays are almost upon us. I have been so busy that it doesn’t really feel like it. Thankfully I have finished my marking. It was a real slog this time round so I was very glad to finish up. I have finally got round to sorting out photos from the past few weeks and it probably comes as no surprise that I have a few!

We made the most of our Historic Scotland membership with a trip to Dumbarton Castle for the Rock of Ages event. It turned out that there was so much on that we will probably need to go back to visit the actual castle.



There were plenty of willing combatants going around for Scott to duel.

There was a nice view of the main arena from the castle courtyard.


It was a really great event showcasing various periods of history and there was so much to see. obviously the good weather helped too!

We also had a trip to the beach in Wemyss Bay a few weeks back and Luke had his first taste of the sea.


We seem to end up taking Luke to the park fairly regularly as he just loves to swing and slide.

His own slide is popular too:

So, Luke at 13 months loves to go to the park. He likes to crawl and climb and he has started to cruise along the furniture.


He enjoys trying to put shapes in the shape sorter and the envelopes into his post box – and he expects a round of applause when he achieves a slot! Luke also likes rolling balls on the floor, down slides or on his wee ball run.

He is developing more words and sounds and now has an attempt at many words, including Scott, Daddy, ball, park. He can follow instructions like to get a book and knows to help to get dressed or washed. He loves to crawl upstairs, particularly to get to Scott’s room:


He also frequently attempts to raid the fridge:


He can be very cheeky and loves to play peekaboo and hiding and chasing games.



He claps with excitement and smiles in approval whenever we approach a park.

Scott meanwhile likes going to the park for a different reason. We have given up trying to reel him in as he seems to be fully recovered from his operation earlier in the month.


We got him the Portugal kit as a reward for being brave, although he may just have jinxed Ronaldo in this tournament! (Still to play in Round of 16 at time of writing….)SAM_3289SAM_3291SAM_3294

I keep finding more Luke on swing pictures! Clearly I don’t tire of it and neither does he.

I had to miss out on a trip to Ardrossan Castle for jousting fun last Saturday. Billy and his mum took the boys and they all had a great time. I will need to try and make sure the marking is done by the time it comes round again next year!

SAM_3307SAM_3306As you may imagine, this type of event is right up my strasse!

The weather didn’t quite hold up last Sunday so we ended up at an indoor beach in Glasgow while we were at the shops.

Last Sunday was also Fathers Day so I had some baking to do:SAM_3255SAM_3313

And I think that just about brings us up-to-date. Hopefully things will slow down a little over the next few weeks and I might just be able to speed up a little running wise. Tiredness and time have limited the length and regularity of my running recently so I hope to get back on it in earnest soon.

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