Park life

Luke has been enjoying his birthday presents over the past couple of weeks:SAM_2988SAM_2995SAM_2998SAM_3002



The next 2 pics are my favourites.(Even though we got the Barcelona ball as a wee present for Scott on Luke’s birthday!)SAM_3022SAM_3021

I love having a Tuesday off with the scamps.It is all the nicer when the weather is sunny:SAM_3056

It also meant I had the time to discover that this one can now make his way right upstairs (And, yes I put his shorts on back-to-front after a nappy change!!):SAM_3060

We have had a couple of lovely park weekends. Rouken Glen is becoming a bit of a favourite of mine. Though at the moment, Scott is paying lip service to the park equipment and is much more interested in playing football.


Luke, however, is now starting to really love parks – going down a slide is a sheer delight to watch.SAM_3038

We were a tickle anxious letting Scott take Luke down!


Rouken Glen has a great wee area for babies:


The cafe is also a winner:SAM_3052

We are at a stage when we are having to split into two groups for much of the day to keep both boys entertained. Typically, one of us is on Luke duty in the playpark and the other is on Scott duty playing football or climbing.


This weekend we went to the Botanic Gardens and had a lovely afternoon. Lukester has been giving us a rough few days. He hasn’t too well with a bad cold, sore mouth and he just isn’t  quite his usual self. The nights have been horrendous with him waking up every hour. I had to go into work on Friday on literally no sleep as Billy and Scott were away on an overnight trip on Thursday. Billy took over a fair bit once he got back on Friday and as a result, we have both been pretty wiped and run-down. I felt quite sore running this weekend and may have to take a recovery day or two if I don’t pick up. Hopefully, Luke is over the worst and starts sleeping better.

We managed to find a few spare blades of grass at the Botanics – as ever on a sunny day, the place was packed!SAM_3095SAM_3099SAM_3101SAM_3106SAM_3109SAM_3111

Luke kept trying to settle down to sleep on Billy!SAM_3115

I tried to get some decent pics in the morning of the Cincinnati kids in their new uniforms before they got all dirtied up:SAM_3088SAM_3093

Putting Scott in white is a bit of a nightmare ao again I got a picture early doors of him in his Monaco strip.SAM_3063

Luke really wasn’t himself on Saturday and was surprisingly content to sit in his pram for a good half hour while I played football with Scott:SAM_3076SAM_3078

Saturday night was Champions League Final night and we had planned a special night of party food including crisps in a bowl (at Scott’s bequest!).


As ever, Scott hedged his bets in terms of picking his team and waited until after his half-time shower to don  a Real Madrid top (Real were winning 1-0 at ht).SAM_3085

We had promised Scott that he could stay up for the full game and much to his delight it went all the way to penalties. We may be getting a bit more of this when the Euros start on 10th June….



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