Nice weather

We had a wee spell of nice weather a couple of weeks back and I made the most of it. I had a lovely Tuesday with my boys. I savoured being there to drop Scott off at school and enjoyed seeing him out playing at school in the afternoon. He didn’t see me as he was too engrossed in playing football! It was also nice to have a day without the mega stress rush of getting out in time for me to get to work.

Carrying on in jammies:SAM_2900SAM_2895

I had Luke outside for a lot of the day and we had a lovely time at the park.SAM_2928SAM_2927SAM_2936SAM_2935SAM_2934SAM_2931SAM_2930

We covered most of this patch of grass, playing ball:


After chasing the ball down a hill after he dropped it, I decided giving Luke the ball in his pram wasn’t such a good idea.SAM_2923

A break from the sun with some indoor games:SAM_2915SAM_2913SAM_2910

Everything is football related with this one at the moment. SAM_2953He had his first real taste of football heartache the other night when Liverpool lost their Europa League Final. He went to bed at halftime with Liverpool one up so I had the hard job of telling him that Liverpool had lost when he came down for breakfast the next day all expectant in his Liverpool strip. If he is going to follow my path as a fan of Killie and the Scotland team there will be plenty more where that came from. 😦


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