Birthday Bakes

1st birthday cakes are a bit funny in that the child hasn’t declared a preference for a character or theme and they haven’t really developed their own interests yet. This can make it quite fun in that I had a bit of an open book in terms of ideas for Luke’s 1st birthday. I thought about the obvious figure 1 cake and I also considered doing a nursery rhyme theme like Hickory Dickory Dock or Humpty Dumpty. In the end, I just thought about what he likes doing most and decided that a ball pit was the winner! I looked on-line for ideas and decided to have a first go at doing a fondant figure. Gulp! I have always steered clear of too much fondant work, particularly of the 3D variety, but I watched a tutorial for a basic figure on YouTube and I felt I could give it a go.


I actually wasted a bit of time on some of the details like hands and shoes considering they ended up covered in balls. In terms of keeping the little Luke together, spaghetti was the key. The wee bit at the top of his head served well as his hair! The cake is a basic victoria sandwich covered in cream cheese frosting and then white ready roll (fondant) icing. I used blue ready roll for the ball pool sides. The little balls were a tickle time-consuming to roll. Scott was helping and some of his efforts need a little repair work! Scott did give a “wow” when we put the little balls on and he could see the “vision”. He was quite pleased with his contribution. (10.30pm on Saturday night!)


I didn’t stick the balls down – (A) Because it would have taken ages and would have made the cake even more sticky and (B) Because I thought the cascading effect would be cool.


Little fingers did find the balls tempting…..SAM_2975

I also made a Rainbow Cake. I have been meaning to try this for a while, but wanted to make sure I had the good dye first. I got a batch as a present from my lovely husband a few months back so felt I had the right tools to proceed.  I went for a white chocolate topping and painstakingly covered it in hundreds and thousands. The big difficulty here was that the topping dried quickly, so any bits that I missed ended up uncovered.


I was pleased with the cut:SAM_2971

I had aimed for 7 layers, but 4 distinct layers it was in the end:SAM_2974SAM_2973

Birthday baking would not be complete without the ultimate party treat – Marshmallow top hats. As ever, I had a willing assistant….SAM_2961



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