Here come the boys

Luke is in a constant search to see what he can get into and up to next.


When he sees the stair gate getting opened he moves at the speed of light and then cries out in indignation when it is closed before he can get there. He currently has no plan on how to get up or down stairs so he is pretty much lethal at the top of a staircase! He has incorporated crawling into his shuffling.


I couldn’t get both boys to cooperate at once on football strip Saturday. Scott gave Luke his old Barcelona top and decided to wear his Spain strip as his nearest match. (Scott is BURSTING for a Barcelona strip with Messi on the back!) A joint photo shot was not really happening.

One jammies, one dressed:SAM_2784

One bubbling, one watching the telly:SAM_2794

Why so serious you two?SAM_2788SAM_2801

Scott is still loving his football and it is first choice of activity most of the time. We go to play football at the park fairly regularly:


He has also been watching the European semi finals the past week. The Liverpool game was definitely the winner in terms of entertainment value.Scott watched the 2nd half on Friday morning before school.


I had my last day with Luke before my return to work. It was one of my worst days. The hurty hurty hurty knows no bounds. The little scamp knew no different.


I am keeping it together. The trick is to keep breathing. Don’t stop. Don’t think.

I couldn’t believe how windy it was on Saturday. I struggled to keep the pram steady on my run and thought there was nothing much else for it but softplay by the time Saturday football was done and dusted.

Luke is in his element in amongst the balls:SAM_2836SAM_2843SAM_2845SAM_2862SAM_2863

Scott spent most of his time off playing football so I hung around with the Lukester:SAM_2847SAM_2851SAM_2854SAM_2858

I was determined the weather was going to be nice on Sunday as the forecast had said so! We planned another Historic Scotland trip and fortunately the weather eventually obliged after a shaky start. We managed to tick Bothwell Castle off our list. It has a few interesting tales from Wars of Independence times and has some dramatic scenery.

The carrier worked a bit better than the buggy for this trip:


He seems to like it up there!SAM_2866SAM_2867SAM_2885

We had a bit of a footwear fail with Scott in that neither Billy or I noticed Scott getting in to the car with welly boots. Not exactly the best of choices with his shorts!





Even Luke was up for a sword fight:


Fingers crossed the nice weather holds for my run round Millport this weekend.



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