11 months old

It is now less than a month till Lukester turns 1! Our 11 month old has sprouted two jaggy wee teeth and I don’t think more are too far away. He is continuing to eat well and he particularly loves finger foods.


I sometimes think we have turned a corner sleep wise and he has slept through from about 11pm to 7am a couple of times, but then he can be back to waking every 2-3 hours. Luke can move about quite fast on his bottom and he now shuffles about from room to room. He is very agile and can roll and change about from back to front, belly to bottom etc. When he is in his cot I am never quite sure what position I am going to find him in. He loves the sight of an open door and he is desperate to make it to the stairs.


Balls are still his favourite playthings and he has a good wee throwing arm!SAM_2730SAM_2728SAM_2726SAM_2724We had a day of lovely weather!

He definitely has an eye for mischief and loves emptying things out. This is what happens when you don’t supervise your kids……SAM_2722SAM_2721SAM_2717

I am treasuring with every fibre my last days with my precious boys before I head back to work. Wee blondie’s hair is growing in a bit more. SAM_2707SAM_2706SAM_2704SAM_2698SAM_2697SAM_2695SAM_2692

Scott at 5 and two thirds is a bustle of energy. He is fitba crazy and loves being outside as much as ever. We had an appointment in Ayr last week so stopped off at the beach park on the way home. Just like when we were there last summer, it was freezing! Must come back in the er summer!


Tempus fugit xx




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