Day trippers

Apologies in advance for the glut of photos this week. I went a bit camera crazy on our days out and was obviously a tad ga-ga over the castles we visited on Monday!

Our first stop was Dirleton Castle. I must declare this one of the most “castleish” castles I have ever seen. This one was on our list because of the moat and Scott loved it.


It was very cold so we probably didn’t get to spend as much time playing around as we otherwise might. Sword fighting helped to keep the blood pumping, though:SAM_2558SAM_2560SAM_2561SAM_2563SAM_2564SAM_2567

Luke in the castle prison:SAM_2553

After some lunch we travelled a few miles down the road to Tantallon Castle which was perhaps even more impressive. Unfortunately the wind was howling and it felt bitterly cold. Must come back in the Spring!!!SAM_2569SAM_2573

The toilet was genuinely stinking!SAM_2595

This place is a real hidden gem. Very atmospheric and well worth a visit. We ended up buying a guidebook as the history is interesting. Loved it.


The weather was slightly better when I took the boys to Heads of Ayr Farm Park on Saturday. I found it a tad stressful negotiating the park with both boys and the extreme muddiness didn’t help. Scott managed to fall and get caked from head to toe within 5 minutes of us entering the park.



In the “Fowl Play” bit, Luke kept reaching through the fence to reach the balls!SAM_2481SAM_2482SAM_2484SAM_2486SAM_2488

I felt like I spent most of the day loading the pram and bags and lugging Luke about. We only had about 10 minutes in this bit before Scott wanted to move on again:SAM_2476SAM_2479SAM_2517SAM_2518

We did manage to get Luke onto the pirate ship for the first time:


The weather has definitely been more down than up in this 2nd week of the holidays and Scott’s football was cancelled on Tuesday so we ended up at the softplay and he spent the entire hour and a half in the football section while Luke and I hung out in the baby bit.SAM_2613SAM_2619SAM_2625He is interacting a bit more with the other kids now and is moving about very fast from room to room as this sequence shows…

Stairgates are now up! Sadly he has no concerns about tipping right over the stairs. Now we just need to teach Scott to work the stairgate!

Scott did get a couple of days at Barrfields for football coaching and he just loved it. I liked watching him for a wee bit too.SAM_2642SAM_2644SAM_2648SAM_2651SAM_2652SAM_2654SAM_2653SAM_2655SAM_2656SAM_2657Got to laugh, Scott got a wee lesson in sticking with your team (or not). He went kitted out in Dortmund gear to the coaching session and started watching the Europa League quarter final a Dortmund fan after they scored early doors. By the end, when Liverpool scored late on to clinch the tie, he was back to Liverpool and went to bed decked in his Liverpool gear!

My little Lukester has been doing his settling in days at nursery.SAM_2612

He is not liking it so far and is coming out in a state of anguish.Hurty, hurty, hurty. My blog has turned into a highlights reel, but life definitely isn’t like that.smile_though_your-71822




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